1984: 1985

Written by The Collective with help from Carolyn Dukes-Alexander
Music and Lyrics by Bruce Barthol & The Band
Directed by Brian Freeman

1985 featured Wilma Bonet, Sharon Lockwood, Dan Chumley, Gus Johnson & Audrey Smith
and band members Bruce Barthol, Muziki Roberson, Melecio Magdaluyo, Glenn Appell & David Rokeach

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Poster Design: Barron Storrey

1985 is a rousing political satire which revolves around the implications of the 1984 elections. The production is the Mime Troupe's own adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

Ebenezer, a promising black lawyer from San Francisco, has come a long way since his radical days at Cornell University. We first meet him fresh from his triumph in court, having won a major victory for downtown developers over the forces of restricted growth. Even Ebenezer's do-good secretary cannot dampen his gaiety when she reminds him not to forget to vote. Ebenezer, in typical fashion, answers, "Vote? Bullshit!"

Back at his apartment for the evening, Ebenezer is unexpectedly interrupted from his catnap by three ghostly visitors-the past, the present, and the future, embodied by none other than Richard Nixon, the First Lady, and a child of the future. In one short hour, Ebenezer witnesses his 20 year metamorphosis into a full-fledged yuppie.

Upon awakening, he realizes he has lost touch with the committed Ebenezer of his youth. He rushes to the polls, only to be defeated by the very cynicism he's cultivated. Poor Ebenezer!
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