1965: Chronicles of Hell (Michel de Ghelderode)

Also reading from their own works: Lawrence Ferlinghetti and David Meltzer

Written by Michel de Ghelderode, translated by George Hauger
Directed by RGDavis

CHRONICLES featured Lomuto, John Robb, Peter Berg, Chuck Ray, Serge Echeverria,
Robert Slattery, Sandra Archer, Jerry Jump, William Freese, John Schonenberg,
Terry O'Keefe & Ken Wydro

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Poster Design: Peter Bailey

Religious faith isn't based on logic; it is fostered by belief in mysterious forces and finds its raison d'etre in miraculous occurrences. A human being who manifests miraculous power threatens the entire structure of organized religion. If such a person cannot be branded a charlatan, condemned as a witch, or perverted into a Satanist, Holy Church may be forced to do its worst... enshrine him as a saint. CHRONICLES OF HELL is about a saint who refuses to die and bares the whole grotesque nightmare of organized religion.

The second "act" introduces another in our "schemes" to make the theatre important. Poets Lawrence Ferlinghetti and David Meltzer will read from their works on different weekends. For us, a poet is a person with a vision or at least one who lives for ideals he selects. We should listen to our poets (saith the muse of Kultur); we might get to know them.
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