1969: The Congress of Whitewashers or Turandot (Brecht)

Fall of 1969, Tour: Pacific Northwest

1970, Tour: ?

Written by Bertolt Brecht - Translated by J.M. Svendsen
Music by Leonard Kline
Lyrics by John Flores & Juris Svendsen
Directed by RGDaivs

WHITEWASHERS featured Sandra Archer, Dan Chumley, RGDaivs, Steve Friedman, Melody James, Sharon Lockwood, Michael Lawrence, Joe Lomuto, Howard Waxman & Jael Weisman
and band members Randy Craig, Cindy Fitzpatrick & Jefferson Free

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Brecht worked on Congress of the Whitewashers from 1937 to 1953. The play comes out of a clear incisive, Marxist habit of thought. The Tuis (intellectuals; form Brecht's acronym, tellekt-uell-in) are paid by the system to deform thought, but cannot change the truth, or history, which is determined by those the system fails to pay.
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