1985: Crossing Borders

1986, Tour: ?

Written by Steve Moost, Michele Linfante & the SFMT
Music & Lyrics by Eduardo Robledo with Muziki Roberson, David Rokeach & Audrey Smith
Directed by Brian Freeman

CROSSING BOARDERS featured Audrey Smith, Maria Gomez, Eduardo Robledo,
Arthur Holden & Marie Acosta-Colón
and band members Melecio Magdaluyo, Muziki Roberson, David Rokeach & Hiroyuki Shido

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Poster Design: Jeri Robertson

Poster Design: Spain Rodriguez

Crossing Borders-A Domestic Farce is a fast-paced and very funny comedy about a loving couple (who just happen to be gay). One, a Muni bus driver on the 22 Fillmore and the other an extremely energetic and enthusiastic political activist. The play starts when Viva (the activist) arrives home one even with Juan (an El Salvadoran refugee) on her arm. It seems that Juan is on the run from the I.N.S. and needs a safe place to hide. Rhodessa (the Muni bus driver) shares her apartment and her life with Viva but not her political views. Suddenly, she finds herself faced with Juan (who speaks no English), a parade of his zany relatives and an agent from the U.S. Immigration Service (who, by sniffing the aroma of his/her soup, can tell exactly how long a refugee has been in the country). The I.N.S. agent is pounding on the door and Rhodessa still hasn't had her dinner! Add generous amounts of hilarious comedy, original salsa/funk music and songs, a wedding (between Viva and Juan) and you have Crossing Borders-A Domestic Farce. And, to complicate matters further, now the bride-groom wants his new bride to consummate their marriage!
Production Photo

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