1998: Damaged Care

Fall of 1998, Tour: LA and ?

Written by Joan Holden & Karim Scarlata
Music by Bruce Barthol, Eric Crystal, Liberty Ellman & Derrek Phillips
Lyrics by Bruce Barthol
Directed by Dan Chumley

DAMAGED CARE featured performers Michael Gene Sullivan, Velina Brown,            
Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Amos Glick, Ed Holmes & Victor Toman
and band members Eric Crystal, Liberty Ellman & Derrek Phillips

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Poster Design: John Chamberlin,
Alex Torres
& Peggy Snider

A "nouveau commedia" nightmare: As the "invisible hand" of the free market tightens its grip on America's healthcare system, a newly privatized hospital becomes a McHealth outlet complete with drive-through surgery, and a shrinking staff on an ever-accelerating schedule struggles with cost-cutting, treatment-rationing managers to care for a swelling mob of ever-sicker patients. In the San Francisco Mime Troupe's new 1998 summer show, America's healthcare crisis becomes a metaphor for today's downsized, sped-up, go-go economy, where the stock market booms as whole classes of workers are dumped onto the streets and even high-paid professionals work in sweatshops.

Reviews and Articles:

"Damaged Care does score some dead hits on HMO madness."
SF Gate - 7/6/98

"The San Francisco Mime Troupe sums up "managed care" in one line of one of Bruce Barthol's songs - 'The less we do, the more we make'"
SF Gate home of the San Francisco Chronicle - 7/6/98

"Speaking Their Mimes"
Los Angeles Times - 7/17/98

"The performing style for "Damaged Care" is clownish commedia dell'arte, complete with masks and archetypal characterizations..."
Los Angeles Times - 10/10/98

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