1971: The Dragon Lady's Revenge

1972, Tour: ?

1987, Tour: ?

Written by Joan Holden, Patricia Silver, Jael Weisman & Andrea Snow
      with Sharon Lockwood
Music by Randall Craig, Berry Glick, Andrea Snow, Theodore Sobel,
     Jack Wickert, Bruce Barthol
Lyrics by Randall Craig, Berry Glick, Jael Weisman, Andrea Snow &
     Bruce Barthol
Directed by Danny Partridge Stevens & Jael Weisman with Dan Chumley

DRAGON LADY featured Larry Pisoni, Michael Christensen, Jael Weisman,
Randall Craig, Jason Harris, Joan Mankin, Sharon Lockwood &
Andrea Snow
and band members Jack Dowding, Harvey Robb, Theodore Sobel,
Jack Wickert, Larry Pisoni, Ed Levey & Michael Christensen

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Poster Design: Patrick Lofthouse
Whamboolie Sammidge

Dragon Lady's Revenge opened in August 1971 at San Francisco's Washington Square Park. The play was inspired by an article in Ramparts Magazine published the same month and written by Banning Garrett and Frank Browning. The article broke the news of C.I.A. involvement in the Indochina drug trade. Dragon Lady closed its run in New York from December to January (1972-73)-where it won an OBIE-coinciding with Nixon's "Christmas bombing" of Vietnam.

In 1972-1973 Dragon Lady's Revenge won the Troupe their second OBIE (Village Voice Off-Broadway Award).

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