1982: Factwino vs. Armagoddonman

1983, Tour: ?

Written by SFMT, Robert Alexander & Henri Picciotto
Music by SFMT
Lyrics by SFMT
Directed by SFMT

FACTWINO featured Sharon Lockwood, Esteban Oropeza, Barry (Shabaka) Henley,
Dan Chumley, Wilma Bonet, Audrey Smith & Joaquin Aranda
and band members Mary Burnley, David Rokeach & Muziki Robertson

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Poster Design: Spain Rodriguez

Told in comic book style vignettes, this was the second of three Factwino sagas the Troupe produced throughout the 1980s.

We last we saw Factwino, defeater of ignorance, disseminator of information, defender of free speech and social justice, being kidnapped by Armageddonman! Ignorance again grows unchecked, and Ronald Reagan wins a second term. The play starts with Buddy's memory erased, the Librarian on the verge of despair, but other followers of Factwino leading the fight against Armaggedon. Meanwhile, the imprisoned Factwino refuses his jailers' efforts to make him drink, but fears the world has forgotten him---until the Spirit arrives to rally him for his encounter with Armageddonman, which may decide the fate of the Earth.

Factwino's power compels thought from human intelligence, even Armageddonman's; but for thought to make a difference it must touch human feelings---and Armageddonman has none. Victorious, the supervillian injects our hero with alcohol, destroying his will and corrupting his power---and sends him out to destroy the peace movement.

Robotized, Factwino now makes people Stop Thinking. The horrified librarian appeals to the Spirit of Information (who originally gave Factwino his power) to send another superhero. But the discouraged Spirit replies that humanity only misuses knowledge. From here on, human beings are on their own.

Buddy's memory has been jogged. He follows Factwino to the secret stronghold, disables the Robot, and liberates his friend. Since Factwino never willingly took a drink, he still has his power. He is about to make his reappearance, when he finds the Librarian has taken it upon herself to make people think. Factwino retires, realizing that to save the earth, ordinary people must rely on their own power.
Production Photo
"Can you guess just who we are? One part profit, one part war..." - Armageddonman
Photographer: Neil Robert Miller
Pictured: (l-r) Bruce Barthol, Dan Chumley

Photo actually from 1985 "Factwino: The Opera"

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