1980: Fact Person

When?, Tour: (with Squash and Hotel Universe)

Written by Joan Holden???, Robert Alexander? & Henri Picciotto?
Music by ??
Lyrics by ??
Directed by ??

FACT PERSON featured Barry (Shabaka) Henley?, Jack Monterey?, Sharon Lockwood?, Brian Freeman?, Esteban Oropeza?, Audrey Smith?, Wilma Bonet? & Dan Chumley?
and band members Mary Burnley?, David Rokeach? & Muziki Robertson?

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Poster Design: Spain Rodriguez

Rita Book, a hard working waitress in Frank's greasy diner, cannot believe her ears or come up with the facts as she hears customers blame the communists, Arabs, and other foreigners for unemployment, recession, inflation and the weather. Frustrated with the fact that she cannot express herself knowledgeably, she wishes she knew every fact there is. The Spirit of Information, who takes her lunch break every century, just so happens to be at the diner and grants her that very wish.

With the power of this knowledge, we see Rita transformed into Factperson, and appearing wherever truth is being distorted. In the Mime Troupe's broad, energetic and cleverly comedic style, Rita assaults wrong assumptions about the current Depression, dismantles the new Cold War, and pierces the hot air balloon of New Conservatism, culminating in a televised debate with Milton Friedman, one of Reagan's close economic advisors.
Squash, Hotel Universe & Fact Person
Poster Design: Wilma Bonet

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