1976: False Promises/Nos Enganaron

1977, Tour: West German, Italy & France (with Frijoles, or Beans to You)

Written by Joan Holden
Music & Lyrics by Andrea Snow, Bruce Barthol & Xavier Pacheco
Directed by Arthur Holden

FALSE PROMISES featured Marie Acosta, Lonnie Ford, Sharon Lockwood, Melody James, Ed Levey, Dan Chumley, Esteban Oropeza, Patricia Silver
& Deb'bora Gilyard
and band members "Rough Riders" Bruce Barthol, Barry Levitan, David Topham
& Jack Wickert

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Poster Design: Jane Norling

Poster Design:

Poster Design: imp. m.c.r.

Poster Design: Rupert Garcia

Poster Design: Jane Norling
This item hand painted by: Marge Piency?

Set in a Colorado mining town in 1898 where Mexican and American workers are organizing a copper mine, this simple story evolves into an epic that links the stories of Mexican and white miners, black and white dance hall queens, and a black soldier to the global machinations of Teddy Roosevelt and J.P. Morgan. The play also ties in U.S. expansion into Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Hawaii with the development of the American West.
Production Photo
The Citizens of Copper City make a stand
Photographer: Neil Robert Miller
Pictured: (foreground l-r) Deb'bora Gilyard, Marie Acosta
(background) Ed Levey

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