April 1968: The Farce of Patelin: Opened in Canyon CA, Toured (with Ruzzante & Gutter Puppets)

1969, Tour: ?

Adapted by RGDavis & Jael Weisman
Directed by RGDavis, Sandra Archer & Jael Weisman

PATELIN featured Eric Berni, Ruth Sicular, Charles Degelman, Gary Rappy, Jael Weisman, Dan Chumley & Lee Bouterse

Adapted by RGDavis & Jael Weisman
Directed by Sandra Archer

PATELIN featured Jael Weisman, Gayle Pearl, Charles Degelman, RGDavis,
Lorne Berkun, Dan Chumley & Lee Bouterse

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Aditional playbill

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Poster Design:

The time of Patelin is about 1469. We have kept is ancient in detail to point out the irony of the whole being apt. We all know how to change the world, but how do we change the corner grocer?
Production Photo

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