1996: Gotta Getta Life

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Gotta Getta Life was performed by a mixed cast of SFMT actors and SFSU theater students with accompaniment by the Mime Troupe's own three piece band. Gotta Getta Life tells the story of Thelma, a young African-American who is trying to break out of a cycle of drug abuse and violence to make a life for herself. We also meet Anastasia, a recent Russian immigrant, trying to fit in but instead, rejected by those whose friendship she seeks. A series of misunderstandings and escalating gossip force the girls into conflict. The resulting tragedy leads both girls to the understanding that true satisfaction comes from believing in yourself and that it's more important to fight the larger societal battles than fight each other.
Performance Photo
Photographer: Neil Robert Miller
Pictured: (l-r) Ed Holmes, Amanda Duarte
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