1992: Jack Takes It Back - Second Stage production

Written by ??
Music by ??
Lyrics by ??
Directed by ??

JACK featured
and band members

Origianl playbill missing

Poster Design:

Jack Takes It Back was a modern twist on the classic "Jack and the Bean Stalk". In our fable, young Jack must fight to save his school! This production performed at Elementary Schools around the Bay Area.

Second Stage
In 1992 the Mime Troupe designed a performing company whose outreach would include the Bay Area community and youth groups, conducting workshops and creating an environment where new work could be written that focused on the concerns of teens and young adults. This additional performing company was called "Second Stage" and it was a short lived endeavor, lasting only two years, with a total of two productions. Knocked Up was the second production.
Production Photo

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