1967: L'Amant Militaire

1968, Tour: Mid-west, East Coast, Sothern CA (with Olive Pits)

Written by Goldoni - Translated by Betty Schwimmer - Adapted by Joan Holden
Directed by RGDavis with Arthur Holden

L'AMANT MILITAIRE featured Peter Cohon, Kay Hayward, Sandra Archer,
Darryl Henriques, RGDavis, Arthur Holden, Jason marc-Alexander, Kent Minault
& Bill Lindyn

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Poster Design:

L'Amant Militaire is, of course, about war--what isn't?--and we assume that all the people we could reach are against it. Even our President is against it. But why does it continue? How did it come about? How does one stop it? We explore some of those reasons; we expose some of those excuses; and we offer one way to stop it.

L'Amant Militaire was also Joan Holden's first show, starting her 30+ year career as a writer with the Troupe.
Production Photo

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