1981: Americans or Last Tango in Huahuatenango

Written by Joan Holden
Music & Lyrics by Eduardo Robledo & Bruce Barthol
Directed by Dan Chumley?

LAST TANGO featured Esteban Oropeza, Eduardo Robledo, Sharon Lockwood, Wilma Bonet, Patricia Silver, Joaquin Aranda & Brian Freeman
and band members Bruce Barthol, Glenn Appell & Al Guzman?

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Poster Design: Wilma Bonet
Poster Design: Rene Young
Photographer: Manfred Walfender
Poster Design: Rene Young
Photographer: Manfred Walfender
Poster Design: Sabine Mamat
Photographer: Manfred Waffender

Americans or Last Tango In Huahuatenango is a musical comedy of tropical and topical intrigue, set in a tiny fictitious Central American republic called San Martin.

There's the U.S. Ambassador, hopelessly caught between a right-wing coup he's determined to avoid and a left-wing revolution he's sworn to prevent; a black Vietnam vet turned mercenary and agent, whose past catches up with him; a sensation seeking photo-journalist who comes to San Martin looking for something, but finds herself kidnapped instead; and a special residential envoy whose surprise appearance arouses the concern of guerillas, the Ambassador and the junta alike.

But those are just the North Americans.

We also meet Colonel Garcia, military head of the ruling junta, his sometime friend and lover Rufina Luisa, the young guerilla leader, a mysterious "Admiral", the peasants of Huahuatenango, and several land reform ministers.

All are Americans and all are thrown together in this comedy with serious intentions.
Production Photo

Photographer: Neil Robert Miller
Pictured: (l-r)

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