1986: The Mozamgola Caper

Spring of 1987, Tour: ?

Fall of 1987, Tour: ?

Spring of 1988, Tour: Europe & Kennedy Center

Written by Joan Holden, John O'Neal & Robert Alexander
Music by Bruce Barthol & Muziki Roberson
Lyrics by Bruce Barthol & Robert Alexander
Directed by Daniel Chumley

MOZAMGOLA featured Ed Holmes, Barry (Shabaka) Henley, Eloise Chitmon,
Sigrid Wurschmidt, Jesse Moore, Edris Cooper & Stacie Powers
and band members Muziki Roberson, Otobaji Stewart, Randy Marsh & Dan Hart

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Poster Design: Kent Mathiew

Poster Design: Diane Sawyer
Poster Photos: Christina Taccone

The Mozamgola Caper is set in a post-revolutionary African nation, besieged, struggling and ripe for intervention by the U.S. government. The action starts in New York's Madison Square Garden where Bishop Tata's worldwide peace campaign -"Hands Across Africa"- is getting underway. With the appearance of a mysterious witch doctor, a rash of voodoo-like killings begin-casting a dark shadow over the Bishop's good work. What to do? Enter ex-CIA special operative, Regretta Johnson (aka The Mahogany Mata Hari). Emerging from boozy retirement in Harlem, Regretta consents to undertake One Final Mission - protect the revered Bishop and avenge herself on the lover who walked out long ago. Regretta braves near-miss murder attempts, heartbreaking betrayals, a hair-raising jungle chase (complete with toothy crocodile) and the Badeye Juju himself before finding out more than she ever wanted to know about U.S. policies in Southern Africa. The Mozamgola Caper is enlivened by African inspired dance numbers and costumes plus original music played by the Troupe's own 4-piece band. Caper is a powerful, insightful and humorous look at our all too often meddlesome-and deadly- foreign policy.
Poster Design: Lincoln Cushing

Reviews and Articles:

"The production is exuberant, richly musical and flavorfully visual."
Los Angeles Times - 12/11/87

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