2002: Mr. Smith Goes to Obscuristan

Fall of 2002, Tour: Midwest

Written by Josh Kornbluth & Michael Gene Sullivan
Music by Jason Sherbundy
Lyrics by Bruce Barthol
Directed by Michael Gene Sullivan & Keiko Shimosato Carreiro

MR. SMITH featured performers Michael Carreiro, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro,
Victor Toman, Velina Brown, Amos Glick & Ed Holmes
and band members Jeremy Mage, Kathy Marshall & Joel Fadness

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Poster Design: Spain Rodriguez

In Mr. Smith Goes to Obscuristan the President of the United States has a problem: his well-earned reputation of using the War on Terrorism to advance corporate interests is getting in the way of his actual foreign policy - advancing corporate interests! The Administration needs to convince the world that it puts democracy before profits, and it needs an unimportant place to use as an example. So, when the President-For-Life of the tiny country of Obscuristan announces first time ever elections, the US sends 9-11 fireman hero Jeff Smith as its official Election Observer. Smith, a true believer in America as a beacon of freedom in a dark world, vows to help Obscuristan achieve American-style democracy. And when a reformist leader announces his intention to challenge for the Obscuristani presidency, it proves to Smith the enduring strength of democracy. That is, until oil is discovered in Obscuristan.

Production Photo
The Stage
Photographer: Julie Bernstein

Reviews and Articles:

"'Smith,' in fact, is even more densely packed with politically sharp gags..."
SF Chronicle - 7/6/02

"...the Troupers combine the latest political debacles with old-but-good source material..."
East Bay Express - 7/17/02

"Leave it to the ever trustworthy San Francisco Mime Troupe to bite off such a politically charged mouthful..."
Metroactive - 7/25/02

"Beyond the jokes, a thoughtful tracing of the distinction between honest post-9/11 patriotism and good old American jingoism, self-interest and hypocrisy."
Salon.com - 8/12/02

"'Mr. Smith' is a smart and humorous look at what happens to democratic ideals when profits are at stake."
San Francisco Bay Guardian - 7/17/02

"...some good ol' Bay Area satirical cynicism..."
San Francisco Examiner - 7/24/02

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