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San Francisco Mime Troupe Presents OIL AND WATER, 7/4-9/2
by BWW News Desk
May 23, 2013

The Tony Award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe (SFMT) opens its 54th season with OIL & WATER - Two New One Act Musical Productions. After a successful grassroots fundraising effort, SFMT fans rallied to underwrite the SFMT's 54th season. This summer SFMT is doing something different. Within a larger musical/comedic frame, OIL & WATER is actually two shorter plays - CRUDE INTENTIONS and DEAL WITH THE DEVIL - each stylistically unique but topically linked and musically interwoven. True to the SFMT's theatrical grassroots of exaggerated genre and oversized characters, the plays challenge the dangerous energy practices of both corporations and the rest of us. In addition SFMT is committed to creating a smaller carbon footprint with this 2013 production.

The shows for Summer 2013 are: CRUDE INTENTIONS and DEAL WITH THE DEVIL - both written by Pat Moran and Adolfo Mejia. Music & lyrics for both shows are by Pat Moran. Both one act original musicals feature two Mime Troupe stalwarts Velina Brown and Lisa Hori-Garcia. They are joined by returning Rotimi Agbabiaka and first-time trouper Hugo E Carbajal. Director of the shows are to be announced. The Mime Troupe Band is represented by Pat Moran and Aharon Wheels Bolsta. Tech credits for OIL & WATER include: Scenic Designer & Painter Jenn Scheller; Costume Designer Keiko Shimosato Carreiro; Props Designer Daniel Yelen and Poster Designer Lawton Lovely.

OIL & WATER plays July 4 thru Sept. 2, 2013 (press opening: Thurs. July 4 at Dolores Park in San Francisco) throughout the Bay Area in San Francisco, the North Bay, East Bay, Peninsula. All park shows are free and open to the public. Additional, ticketed indoor shows will be in Alameda, Point Arena and Redway. For a complete schedule and more information, the public may call 415-285-1717 or visit Additional info on SFMT and community organizations is made available at information tables at each of our park shows.

Climate Change, pollution, water scarcity and fossil fuel dependence and issues too big to be dealt with in just one story, so this year's Mime Troupe production presents two one act musicals linked by environmental themes depicting the abusive relationships society has with our natural resources and the lengths we go to satisfy our thirsts (done in their characteristic quick-change, singing & dancing, Commedia dell'Arte political style). A poisoned rainforest river, a senator mysteriously murdered in his office, a sinister criminal conspiracy, and an oil refinery ablaze in the Bay Area - with the survival of the human race in question, the stakes could not be any higher.

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