1966: Olive Pits

Summer of 1967, Tour: Opened in Delano, CA

Fall of 1967 - Winter of 1968, Tour: (with L'Amant Militaire)

Written by Lope de Rueda - Adapted by Peter Berg & Peter Cohon (Coyote)
Directed by RGDavis

OLIVE PITS featured RGDavis, Anne Bernstein, Sandra Archer, Lomuto, Judy Quick
& Peter Cohon (Coyote)

View original playbill, 1966
View playbill, 1966
View playbill, Summer of 1967
View playbill, Fall of 1967 - Winter of 1968

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Show Description

In 1968 Olive Pits won the Troupe their first OBIE (Village Voice Off-Broadway Award) Special Citation.
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