2014: Ripple Effect

Written by Michael Gene Sullivan, Eugenie Chan & Tanya Shaffer
Music & Lyrics by Ira Marlowe
Directed by Wilma Bonet and Hugo E Carbajal

Ripple Effect featured Mime Troupe Collective Members Velina Brown, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro and Michael Gene Sullivan.

And band members Michael Bello, Peter Penhallow and Mick Berry

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Song Clip: This Is Too Much
    Lead singer: Lisa Hori-Garcia
    Back up: Michael Gene Sullivan,
                      Velina Brown
Song Clip: We're Almost There
    Lead singer: Velina Brown
    Back-up: Michael Gene Sullivan,
                      Lisa Hori-Garcia,
                      Keiko Shimesato Carreiro

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Photographer: DavidAllenStudio.com
Poster Design: Nina Grosser

Skyrocketing rents. Loss of diversity. Certain workers welcomed like saviors, while other workers are discarded like trash. The War on the Poor. And San Francisco - the capital of the Revolution - becoming the center of corporate surveillance technology.

What is The City coming to?

Veteran of the Revolution Deborah Johnson thinks she knows. So does immigrant-turned-super patriot Sunny Nguyen. And so does Silicon Valley's newest star, small-town transplant Jeanine Adenauer. And each has reason to despise the other. So how do they end up together in a tour boat in the middle of San Francisco Bay? Each one has a story to tell; a broken dream that brought them to this moment, and a past that divides them from the others. But can the old commie, the tech newbie, and the flag-waving beautician find common ground ashore, or will they all sink under the waves?

Who - or what - is S.U.S.I.? And can anyone stop... The Octopus?

Production Photo
Photographer: Fletcher Oakes
- Greetings from Octopus Tech -
(l-r) Michael Gene Sullivan (The Octopus), Lisa Hori-Garcia (Jeanine Adenauer) in
Ripple Effect.

Honors, Reviews and Articles:

"Brightly written, laugh-laden... one of the most enjoyable Mime Troupe outings in recent memory."
SFGate - 7/6/14

"MIME TROUPE NAILS IT!... a rousing success that perfectly captured the city's current zeitgeist and growing pains... Brava!"
SF Bay Guardian - 7/9/14-7/15/14

"But most of all, it drives home the point that to accept the status quo is as much a political stance as to fight against it. As Deborah says, 'There is no such thing as not political.'"
Marin IJ - 7/16/14

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