1983: Secrets in the Sand

1989, Tour: LA, San Diego and ?

Written by Robert Alexander & the SFMT
Music by Eduardo Robledo & Muziki Roberson
Lyrics by Eduardo Robledo
Directed by Brian Freeman

SECRETS featured Wilma Bonet, Dan Chumley, Sharon Lockwood, Jesse Moore
& Audrey Smith
and band members Muziki Roberson, David Rokeach, Michael White & Glenn Veale

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Poster Design: Wilma Bonet

Secrets in the Sand, a Hollywood musical mystery, takes its cue from a 1950's Grade 'B' epic-"The Conqueror"- filmed in the Utah desert close to the A-Bomb test side in Nevada. The movie, starring the late John "The Duke" Wayne and Susan Hayward, was loosely based upon Genghis Kahn, his captive princess and the fierce battles fought on the Asian Steppes (the Utah desert). Of the 120 cast and crew members involved in the film, and alarmingly high ratio (almost half) developed cancer and of those- half have died. Coincidence? Or exposure to fallout? Despite growing evidence, no conclusions have been reached by the government directly correlating the film, the fallout and the cancer.

Secrets parallels this nuclear cover-up as heroine Melody Braxton- a young black singer, whose star is on the rise- discovers that atomic testing just may have had something to so with the untimely death of her actor/father. In her quest for the truth, Melody uncovers secrets she never thought were possible.

Secrets in the Sand reveals what happens when Motown meets Hollywood on the sands of the Utah desert.
Production Photo

Reviews and Articles:

"The 30-year-old mime troupe, which is anything but silent about social injustice, always makes fierce points."
Los Angeles Times - 4/21/89

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