1992: Social Work

Fall of 1992, Tour: Midwest

Written by Joan Holden, Gregory R. Tate & Tanya Shaffer
      plus Elliot Humberto Kavee, Michael Gene Sullivan & Carl
Music by Bruce Barthol & Elliot Humberto Kavee
Lyrics by Bruce Barthol
Directed by Dan Chumley

SOCIAL WORK featured Michael Gene Sullivan, Amara Tabor, Sharon Lockwood,
Ed Holmes, Rebecca Klingler & Arthur Holden
and band members Eric Crystal, Elliot Humberto Kavee & Dred Scott

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Poster Design: D. Minkler

It's early November, 1992-and someone is snuffing the Bad Boys! You know, those rotten guys who are looting America-all of them guilty of unbridled greed and profit. All of them misdirecting the resources of the country away from those who truly need them. And the pressure is on from city hall to the Oval Office to solve the crimes.

Meanwhile, Phoebe Smytes, a 20-year veteran of the Department of Social Services, ends yet another day making casework call on "throw away" people-the disenfranchised and displaced. She's seen it all. Witnessing human suffering on a daily basis-thanks to the Reagan/Bush years-has pounded her into indifference and apathy, alienating her from her won feelings. She's numb! She's on the edge! Alter hours, she watches the network news, slipping into a fantasy world where injustice is avenged. Does Phoebe's secret life have ANYTHING to do with the mysterious murders?

A parallel story follows the brilliant career of Biff Washington, a young Yale grad who just happens to be Bush's point person for "Problems of the Poor". Biff appears outwardly confident but since the King beating and ensuing riots, he is haunted by a vision of a "large Black man" named Fairchild! Can Biff find happiness if he severs his Oval Office connection?
Production Photo

Photographer: Neil Robert Miller
Pictured: Ed Holmes

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