1996: Soul Suckers from Outer Space


Written by Joan Holden, Michael Gene Sullivan, Kate Chumley, Nina Siegal & Ellen Callas
Music by Bruce Barthol, Eric Crystal, Liberty Ellman & E.W. Wainwright
Lyrics by Bruce Barthol
Directed by Dan Chumley

SOUL SUCKERS featured Ed Holmes, Conrad Cimarra, Michael Gene Sullivan,
Velina Brown, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro & Zachary Barton
And band members Eric Crystal, Liberty Ellman & E.W. Wainwright

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Poster Design: Spain Rodriguez

1950-something...Government seismologist Franklin Brown returns to his peaceful, picture postcard hometown to investigate a mysterious quake. Everything looks normal: the only change, the 19-cent hamburger stand which has recently -- no one remembers just when -- sprung up outside town. But the social sands are shifting -- radically. Customers demanding everything cheaper and faster...franchises ousting small businesses...citizens clamoring for tax cuts and against government...the kindly Mayor about to be swept out of office in favor of the U.N. hating town crank. Ideas that once festered in the darkest corners of the extreme right are suddenly mainstream! When did folks start acting strange? "After that quake hit"... Earthquake, or UFO? Is it something in those franchise burgers? Or has Santa Margarita been invaded by aliens?
Production Photo
Dr. Heinz
Photographer: Neil Robert Miller
Pictured: Ed Holmes
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