1979: Squash

When?, Tour: ? (with Hotel Universe and Fact Person)

Written by ??
Music by ??
Lyrics by ??
Directed by ??

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Poster Design: Dina Redman


Set amid the "ruins" of Anaheim, California, the wild, grotesquely comic plot of Squash revolves around the misadventures of a small, multi-national, neighborhood group as it tries to establish a "community" garden in the face of gas, food and water shortages, and feelings of mutual mistrust. Events are complicated by the presence of three slightly addled gods, who, in their attempt to help create a "paradise garden" on earth, inadvertently create mayhem with their gift of an "eternal gas pump" to one of the neighborhoods. In a fast paced, slap dash escalation of events, paradise turns into neighborhood armed camps.

As with all Mime Troupe shows, beneath the energetic veneer of precise movement, fast dialogue and funky music, lurks a serious concern of the group. In a "take or be took" world the collective tries to examine the difficulties in mounting successful programs of community action.
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