1964: Tartuffe (Molière)

1965, Tour: ?

Written by Molière, Adapted by Richard Sassoon
Directed by RGDavis & Nina Serrano Landau

TARTUFFE featured R.G. Davis, Sandra Archer, Billie Dixon, John Broderick,
Marlene Silvers, John Robb, Rob Lanchester & Jerry Jump

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As the play begins, the well-off Orgon is convinced that Tartuffe is a man of great religious zeal and fervor. In fact, Tartuffe is a scheming hypocrite. He is interesting as a character in that he gets around Orgon not by telling lies but by allowing him to use his power as the master of the household over everyone else. By the time Tartuffe is exposed and Orgon renounces him, Tartuffe has legal control of his finances and family and is about to steal all of his wealth and marry his daughter -- all at Orgon's own invitation. At the very last minute, the king intervenes, and Tartuffe is condemned to prison.
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