1963: Ubu King

Written by Alfred Jarry
Composition by Steve Reich
Directed by RGDavis

UBU KING featured Kai Spiegel, Victoria Hochberg, Joseph Lomuto, Jur., Fred Unger,
Norma Whittaker, Jerry Jump, Mark Truman, Sam Ervin, Arthur Holden, Marvin Silber
& J. Jeffrey Jones
and band members Jean Brechan, Georges Rey & Richard Olsen

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Poster Design: Bill Wiley

UBU KING is set in Poland - that is to say Nowhere, since Poland did not exist in 1896.

UBU KING (Ubu Roi), by Alfred Jarry, was first performed in Paris on December 10, 1896. Ubu shocked Paris' intellectuals at the fin du siecle, but looking back, we can see it as warning of things to come, both in world history and the history of drama. It must be remembered that Jarry preceded Beckett, Ionesco, and the Theatre of the Absurd by some 50 years.
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