2017: WALLS

Written by Michael Gene Sullivan
Music by Michael Bello
Lyrics by Piero Amadeo Infante
Directed by Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe with Rotimi Agbabiaka assistant directing

WALLS features Mime Troupe Collective Members Rotimi Agbabiaka, Velina Brown, Lizzie Calogero and Marilet Martinez

And band members Patrick Byers, Andrew Niven and Daniel Savio

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Song Clip: On My Watch 2:22       
    Velina Brown
Song Clip: Land of Milk and Honey 1:55
    Rotimi Agbabiaka

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Poster Design: R. Black

WALLS asks the question:
How can a nation of immigrants declare war on immigration?
The answer: FEAR!

L. Mary Jones (Velina Brown) knows all about fear. As a top agent for I.C.E. - Immigration and Customs Enforcement - she knows how to stoke fear to keep her country safe. Fear of people like Bahdoon Samakab (Rotimi Agbabiaka), a Somali refugee escaping oppression, fear of Cliodhna Aghabullogue (Lizzie Calogero), an Irish woman yearning to be American, and fear of Zaniyah Nahuatl (Marilet Martinez), whose family comes from... here. As a foreigner in a land her people have worked for thousands of years suddenly Zaniyah is a criminal, an illegal, a "bad hombre." What part of herself will this American give up to pass as "American?" Will she? Can she? Should she? Can someone leave part of themselves behind without losing their mind? And is it better or worse that she crossed the border to find Agent L. Mary Jones - the woman she loves?

Production Photo
Photographer: Mike@mikemelnyk.com
- Tango -
(l-r) Velina Brown (L. Mary), Marilet Martinez (Zaniyah Nahuatl) in

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