Happy Halloween!
Trickle Down Doesn't Work For Pumpkins Either
Dear Troupers,

Longer nights, falling leaves, gigantic pumpkins and robo calls. It's election season - the spookiest time of the year! Be afraid, be very afraid...at least that's what some candidates want. Terrorists, tax hikes, the economy, Obamacare---yikes- socialism!!! Fear mongering and finger pointing have become the new American pastime (sorry Giants!). But there is seriously scary stuff too: disenfranchising legitimate voters; rolling back women's choices; amending the Constitution in "defense of marriage"; all against the backdrop of the goose-stepping  corporatist march on Washington.


Most frightening of all are the folks 

Who plan on  not voting Nov. 6th. 


With the stakes so high and the race so tight, now is not the time to voice displeasure with the current administration by not voting. We ask that if you meet one of these zombies challenge their brain dead decision by reminding them of what is at stake; the environment, Prop 37, the Supreme Court and Roe vs. Wade for starters. This is not a single-issue election. It's a mandate on the ideological path of this country. Please help get out the vote!!!



In Continued Solidarity,

The San Francisco Mime Troupe


Special Event!
Saturday, November 3
Velina Brown
Songs I Always Wanted to Sing
With Mime Troupe composer/lyricist Pat Moran on guitar, this will be an evening of SFMT veteran
Velina singing songs she's performed for thousands in shows like "Too Big To Fail," "Posibilidad," and "Making a Killing," plus songs she loved from hit Mime Troupe shows like "Spain '36," "Red State," and "For the Greater Good," written for other characters, but which Velina has always wanted to perform! 
She also will be singing some classic activist tunes like "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream," and "The Banks are Made of Marble," and with special guest Barrett Nelson accompanying Velina she will also perform a few of the songs she's written over the years - some of which she's never performed in public!
So reserve a seat for this one-time musical event! Seating is very limited, so call to make sure you'll get a space to see Velina Brown sing some of the songs she's always wanted to sing!


(To hear Velina sing a little bit click here.)


The show will be at:


8 pm, Saturday, November 3rd
The San Francisco Mime Troupe Studio
855 Treat Avenue
San Francisco, Ca.
Tickets: suggested donation $10 - $20 at door
Email velina@velinabrown.com to reserve a spot, as seating will be very limited! 
or click here to see the Facebook event page.



         Big, big appreciation to everyone who contributed to our Adopt a Bill campaign! 
        Thanks to your generosity things are starting to look much better here at the office.
As result of donations our outstanding balance has been whittled down to $2,212 
   If you are anything like us then you're probably receiving about 52 emails a day 
              Asking  you to contribute to worthy candidates and worthy causes. 
 The demands  on your pocketbooks have been great in this election season. 
We truly appreciate everyone who has contributed.
For those who haven't, we humbly ask that you
So that all our summer bills will be safely tucked away in the paid folder



SFMT logo 

Z Space screens the acclaimed film: 

October 29 7pm (doors at 6pm) | $7 suggested donation
Stage Left 
is a documentary film in celebration of a unique theater community. The film begins with the founding of The San Francisco Actor's Workshop in 1952 and extends through 2010. Stage Left 
brings together the eccentrics that have made the Bay Area theater scene an experimental, multidisciplinary and political hotbed: Herbert Blau (Actor's Workshop), R.G. Davis (The Mime Troupe), Peter Coyote (actor), Bill Irwin (Pickle Family Circus), Robin Williams (actor), Oskar Eustis (Eureka Theater), Tony Taccone (Berkeley Repertory Theatre), Scrumbly Koldewyn (the Cockettes) and many more. 

                      The Holidays are Just Around the Corner!                        
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