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Dear Comrades,

This past week "It Can't Happen Here" did happen here in our studio as we celebrated, with a staged reading, the 75th anniversary of Sinclair Lewis' play about a fascist takeover of the United States. Performed simultaneously across the country, as it was when it was sponsored by the Federal Theater Project arm of the WPA, the play had an uncanny resonance with current issues. We want to thank all the actors who donated their time and energy to this event, and thank you to all of our audiences who came out to watch this special reading! 


Now Halloween is here and this year begins its big wind down.  The real spooky thing is that although we are not in production right now, our expenses, unfortunately, do not stop.  Although we cut costs to the bone and had a successful summer season with better than projected hat donations, the tanking economy has taken a severe toll on the Troupe.  Government and foundation funding is rapidly disappearing, and now we depend more on individual donations to aid our mission of performing socially relevant theater before the broadest possible audience!


To do so we annually send out both a spring and winter appeal letter.  Now, once again, it's time for our end of the year winter appeal, attached below.  (For those of you who might receive this appeal letter in the mail or in another email, we apologize for the redundancy!)  Right now with taxes, insurance and utilities breathing down our necks, we are hoping to hang on until the new year, so we are jumpstarting the appeal with this email.  We hope you can help with your financial support today!! 

Dear Friend,   


2011 - what a year!!  According to zealots, fear mongers and their media puppets, a parade of natural disasters was the obvious precursor to 2012's much predicted end of days.  Yet before the flames of Armageddon had a chance to ignite, the Phoenix of The Movement had already risen.


The People Are Too Big to Fail!

Protest sign at Occupy Wall Street; photo by Daniel Massey  


"Don't blame Wall Street. Don't blame the big banks. If you don't have a job, and you're not rich, blame yourself!" - Herman Cain


As Cain and his fellow "job creators" espouse plutocratic poppycock, a massive populist movement is taking it back to the streets, occupying Wall Street and spreading to cities and villages around the world. Now this is what we're talking about!  And have been for 52 years!

This past summer, the Mime Troupe's show 2012 - The Musical! addressed the challenges of sustaining art without compromising its message.  This has been a continuing theme in our work over the past decade - greed kills!  Economic disparity and corporate tax loopholes have rewarded the Haves, while shredding the safety net of the Have-Nots.


Over the past decade, the Mime Troupe has addressed corporate personhood, war profiteering, bioengineered foods, the trap of credit card debt and a myriad of issues that are all a part of the capitalist juggernaut that is choking the life out of democracy.  


Election years always provide us with an opportunity to address the latest obstacles to democracy.  With 2012 - The Musical! behind us, we now look to 2012 - The Reality Show, featuring such exciting episodes as "America's Got Issues", "USA -Extreme Makeover-Homeland Edition", "Dancing Around the Truth" and in November, "Last Politician Standing."


That's our plan, but with threats of a double-dip depression it's going to be a difficult road.


Many of you rallied to our cause earlier this year by responding to our Comrade Campaign, which made up a financial shortfall during a time of massive cuts to private grants and public funds.  Others participated in our "Adopt a Bill" project, helping to keep the lights on and the photocopier running.  We thank you for sustaining us.


We're looking forward to the promise of 2012.  We look forward to cheering on a revitalized movement with new stories and songs.  All is possible and will be probable with your tax-deductible donation!   


Power to the People!!


In solidarity,