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It's Halloween, the time we celebrate all that's spooky. But the real horror story is one where regular folks are continually terrorized by the monsters of special interests and the politician Frankensteins they have created. These vampires are determined to suck the life out of a democratic ideal that dares to provide for the common good. Yet as they cast their spells of hate, blame and lies, we, the people, can fight back by casting a vote. All elections are important if we are to succeed in ending this national nightmare (and global embarrassment) and restore real power to the people. Read this article by Robert Reich and forward it to an apathetic friend.
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Youth Theater Education Opportunities
Art vs. Nature-Showdown on Treat
Trouper Activities
Attention Fellow San Francisco Voters
1050 North Point
In the aftermath of the 1989 earthquake, the one thing that most San Franciscans agreed on was the removal of the damaged Embarcadero Freeway and the decision to not rebuild it. The expansive and attractive waterfront we gained is something we cherish. Now some factions would have us believe we can make it even nicer. Don't believe it unless you want our city to have more buildings like 1050 North Point aka the Fontana Towers.


Props B and C on the November ballot concern a developer's request for an exemption from the long-established building height limits on the Embarcadero, to allow construction of a project at 8 Washington St., near the Ferry Building, that includes a condominium tower twice the height of the vanished Embarcadero Freeway. If approved by the voters, the 8 Washington project will set a precedent for future highrise construction on the North Waterfront.  Find out the facts!
Youth Theater Education Opportunities


The 18th Annual SFMT Youth Theater Project (YTP)!


The San Francisco Mime Troupe's Youth Theater Project is a 12 week, after-school theater internship for Bay Area teens that runs February - April 2014. Students will gain skills and knowledge in stage production, ensemble building, playmaking, improvisation, and acting. Plus they will earn a small stipend in the end. Do you know a teen 13-18 years old that would be perfect for this? Have them check out our website for more information and fill out an application today!



We are also looking for YTP support staff.  
Youth Theater Project Positions are 5-20 hours per week
(Hours may vary week to week based on program schedule.)
Small stipends available. Positions last 4 to 6 months, depending on opportunity.
Opportunities available:
YTP Production Intern (November-April)
YTP Outreach Intern (November-February)
YTP Teaching Assistant (January-April)

The Troupe is looking for fun, creative, motivated, and reliable individuals who have an interest in working with high school aged youth in a theater arts setting. Must have the ability to problem solve, work independently and as part of a team, and with a range of people- as well as show sensitivity to cultural and socio-economic diversity.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; Outgoing and friendly attitude
  • Excellent oral communication skills
  • Personal qualities of organization, reliability, flexibility, and curiosity
  • Interest and/or experience working with youth and/or theater arts education
  • Background in education is a plus!
  • Enthusiasm for encouraging young people to explore creativity and find their voice.

- Resume
- Availability
- Cover letter detailing your interest in SFMT/YTP and stating the opportunity of interest 

Please email application info to:
Project Director, Lisa Hori-Garcia (Enter on subject line: "YTP Opportunities")

eAppeal Reminder

As always, we need the help of our supporters to make our summer show happen! We're going to be changing some things in the coming year in order to:

  • increase the Troupe's sustainability so that we don't need to come back to our loyal donors in crisis mode and
  • increase opportunities for audience involvement with the Troupe

This means you may receive more requests for support and more invitations to get involved. We'll be sharing more about audience engagement activities for 2014 in the coming months, but right now we're offering an opportunity to support the Troupe financially and in return, to receive a little gift that can make a big difference.


While we would welcome donations in any amount, for those of you able to donate $50 or more, we'll be happy to send you a faucet adapter that can help you save both money and one of our planet's most precious resources: water. Read our full eAppeal.


Donate now!

Art vs. Nature-Showdown on Treat
855 Treat Ave
So here at 855 Treat we are facing a dilema. On the front of our building is a mural by local artist Juana Alicia. When completed in 1986 the view of the mural was unobstructed as mandated by the city. Since that time a couple of small bushes have grown into 2 mighty dense trees. But the city also mandates no tree removal and no significant tree topping. Classic municipal Catch-22. So what's an eco-minded group of artists to do? Hire an experienced, licensed arborist who can thin and reduce the trees without compromising their health.
Unfortunately we have too much of the wrong kinda green to make this happen. If you know a licensed arborist who would like to donate their tax-deductible services, please contact Karen.  We will provide the manpower and transportation to haul off the trimmed branches.


With your help we can "daylight" our mural without doing a "lights out" on the trees.
The SFMT Collective and Staff 
Trouper activities


LISA HORI-GARCIA is hard at work getting ready for SFMT's 18th annual Youth Theater Program.

KAREN RUNK is stage managing 444 Days with Golden Thread Productions, also featuring former trouper JERI LYNN COHEN (Oct 31-Nov 3).

ED HOLMES is organizing a Veterans Forum on 11/7 @ 7.30p; curating a Veterans art show 11/8 @ 6-9p reception; performing his SUBHUMAN show 11/8 @ 9pm and playing music for 88yr old poet Toby Lurie 11/30 @ 7.30p. All the above is happening at


VELINA BROWN, MICHAEL GENE SULLIVAN & LIZZIE CALOGERO are working with Symmetry Theatre on a piece called Carnival Round the Central Figure (Nov 2-Dec 1). 

PAT MORAN will be performing in Tristan & Yseult at Berkeley Repertory Theater (Nov 22-Dec 6)

 KEIKO SHIMOSATO CARREIRO is working on a grant to study "Otome Bunraku" or womens' bunraku in Japan.  


MICHAEL GENE SULLIVAN  returned from Barcelona with Catalan & Spanish translations of his adaptation of George Orwell's "1984". There will be a production in Catalan in Barcelona this coming Dec. 

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