Young California Writers' Project 2010
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Young California Writers' Project 2010

Dear Troupers,

Kids today, I swear!  They're up to something, I know it!  Well, they ARE actually ... one of those "somethings" being: developing their playwriting skills. 

This fall, SFMT continued to oversee the Young California Writers' Project, an in-school playwriting program that was initially developed by the Magic Theatre.  When the Magic had to let it go last year, SFMT grabbed the reins, and we're just about to finish up the second season of our stewardship of YCWP at  Balboa High.

Under the tutelage of Playwright-in-Residence Cherylene Lee (Carry the Tiger to the Mountain, The Legacy Codes), 70+ junior-level students on the CAST pathway at Bal each completed a short play.  The best 9 of those were chosen for continued development, and professional actors then joined the students in the classroom, reading the scripts aloud so the young playwrights could hear what worked and what didn't, a vital part of the development process. 

Please join us this Monday, November 15th for a public staged of these students' plays by professional actors and directors.  Kids today really are up to something - come see what it is!

Young California Writers' Project
Monday, November 15th, 7:00 pm
Diego Rivera Theatre, on the main campus of CCSF
50 Phelan Avenue, San Francisco
donations welcome
many thanks to George Lee and Melinda Simpson at Balboa High, the Balboa PTSA, Patrick Toebe at Diego Rivera Theatre, and the staff & students of the Theatre Department at CCSF for making this event possible.