San Francisco Mime Troupe is Thankful
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  Dear Friends

Historical realities aside, Thanksgiving is actually a great idea; a government mandated holiday of reflection and gratitude.

Here at the Troupe we are giving a multitude of thanks:

-For a democratic process that worked in our favor (yippee).

-For the first responders who continue to aid those impacted by the recent super storm catastrophes.

-For the many citizens who have reached out to help each other during these trying times.

-For those folks around the globe working on behalf of peace, fairness and justice.

-And for our earth, as a wise 9-year-old recently said, because it gives us a home.

We are especially grateful to you for helping us through this financially  tough year.Your volunteering and donations helped get us through.


And also, thanks for supporting our work with your presence in the parks and theaters of our communities for 53 years. Together, through laughter and song, we form a conspiracy of optimism working towards a fair and better future, one that will make our children thankful and our planet happy. 




In Solidarity and With Gratitude,

The San Francisco Mime Troupe Collective and Staff

855 Treat Ave. - San Francisco, CA 94110 - 415.285.1717 -
Additionally we want to specifically thank those who contributed donated food, services and time this past year. We are proud to be part of the same community. 

If there's anything you are especially thankful for, let us know! Even in the midst of struggle it's important we acknowledge our victories, and share with each other glimpses of the world we are fighting for! 
We're especially interested in planetary success tales
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