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The San Francisco Mime Troupe wants to thank EVERYONE who has donated to our winter appeal over the past few weeks AND a special thanks to those who donated after hearing we will not receive NEA funding in 2018.  We not only appropriate your support but we need it to have successful 2018 season!

We also want to thank everyone who has contacted us saying they wish they could donate at this time or they wish they could donate even more. 

If you are able to donate, please take a moment on this Giving Tuesday to show your support.  AND/OR if 1-3 people would like to volunteer during the evening of Dec 2 (see below) or Dec 4 please email Karen today!
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Join us at the Mime Troupe Studio on Saturday, December 2, from 5-10p as collective member, Lisa Hori-Garcia curates an evening of politics, art and performances as part of Mission Arts Performance Project: MAPP.

The event is FREE.
We will have beverages available for donation.

People are encouraged to walk around the Mission & see different artists (there will be a map of events online and copies will be available the day of at the troupe).


5:00-5:10pm Jorge Molina
Welcome & Blessing

5:10-5:25pm Marie & Genie Cartier
Anti-Capitalist Comedy Satire

5:30-6:15pm Trio Cambio
Revolutionary Femme Folk

6:20-6:35 Bob Ernst & Aldo
Incarcerated Voices, Poetry & Sound

6:35-7:00pm Daniel Savio
Hits of the 1920's

7:05-7:20pm Melinda Martinez
Excerpt from Original Play

7:20-8:00pm Ira Marlowe and Jhene Canody
Songs of Love, Sex, Spirits & Gurus

8:00-8:05pm Zack Collier
Original Stand-up

8:05-8:20pm Breena Fain
Stages of Self

8:25-8:40pm Sarita de la Madrid
Dance/Movement and Monologue

8:40-8:55pm Josh Fields
Scottish Soliloquy

9:00-10:00pm La Gente SF
Cumbia, Reggae, Hip-Hop
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