Get out and VOTE!

Fellow Citizens,

Time is running out!!!!

We have arrived at that precise moment when the superhero has only hours to defeat the sociopathic mega villain who seeks to rule the world from his gold plated tower. Using fear and hatred, Trump continues to whip up supporters in rallies (not unlike Nuremburg) as he takes the lead in the 30 year long Hillary witch hunt. Aided by large groups of disgruntled Sanders supporters and knee jerk reactionaries, the terrifying truth is--- HE COULD WIN!!!

We need a superhero! Well, get ready 'cause right now that superhero is you! And -all of us! With time running out it's time to grab your cape and get busy-today !

Right now-contact all your family and friends who are undecided, uninformed, uninspired or don't believe their vote matters. Especially those in swing states. Every vote matters.

Stress the urgency-we are on the edge of a dangerous, classic despotic power grab of historic proportions. This is no time for complacency or partisan loyalties in the face of dangerous insanity.

Be prepared-
with real facts to back up your opinions. There is a lot of very loud disinformation permeating the atmosphere.

Remind them that voting is both a constitutional right and a duty, and rights are like muscles-use them or lose them. Participatory democracy only works if everyone participates.

Teach them-about the moments in history that were the prequels to horrific events and are scarily similar to the rhetoric and tactics of today.

Qualifications matter- experience should outdo nasty rhetoric.

Encourage them to look beyond the presidential candidates to the other important candidates and propositions on the ballot and to research and vote on them.

Ask them-What kind of person do they want to represent the US to the world? And what kind of society do you want to create for the future-for our children? What kind of role model should our country be?

Turn off the 24/7 news cycle and lower your blood pressure. Sadly, the media has spent more time parroting the phrase "two most disliked candidates ever" and not enough time doing any real depth analysis of the issues.

Read more-about how this was able to happen Beyond Lying: Donald Trump's Authoritarian Reality.  

Take a deep breath- no matter what happens on November 8th we all continue to be superheroes fighting the good fight for a fair, just, peaceful and healthy planet for all.

All power to all the people.

After 14 Presidential Elections we  still remain-
In Solidarity,

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