Dear Friend


Before we all get sucked into the Holly-daze, we just wanted to say thank you for your help in making 2014 one of our best. Once again we couldn't have done it without you.


Now it's time to reflect, especially in light of recent events, and hope that the spirits of peace, kindness and generosity will become universal not just for 6 weeks a year but for all 52. We'll relax and exhale and then roll up our collective sleeves because in 2015 we'll be back, ready to storm the barricades of greed, ignorance, and injustice.


In the meantime, be merry, warm and extremely jolly.

Peace out,


Winter Appeal Update
Our Goal: $45,000

Winter Appeal Donations to date: $15,682
General Donations*: $754
Store Sales Estimated Profit: $271

*General donations are donations receive during the same time frame but are not necessarily linked to the Winter Appeal.

We're on our way but we need to receive an additional $28,293 to reach our goal! 

Thank you to EVERYONE who has donated!
And thank you to the handful of you who donated $500 and received your free t-shirt!

The offer still stands - donate $500 and we will send you a Classic Mime Troupe T-Shirt ...after the holidays.

BUT WAIT!  For a limited time only, donate $400 by Jan 15 and we will STILL send you a FREE t-shirt ...after the holidays!

Even better, for those of you who have already donated, if you donate a second time causing your donations to reach the $400 mark by Jan 15 - BAM, t-shirt!
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The Mime Boutique!
Get your orders in now so we can send you your new red stared outfits for the New Year!  Orders will be mailed in Jan.
Ed Holmes Retires from the Mime Troupe...
or so he thinks! 
Here's what the people are saying:

"You are the best Dick Cheney/Barbara Bush. Thanks for all the laughs!" - Jeff & Kathleen

"You are an institution and an inspiration. I started seeing the Mime Troupe and going to St. Stupid's Day as a fresh 22 year old scrub to SF (in 1999) and you defined absurdist trenchant brilliant performance and San Franciscones for me for years. Thank you!!" - Jed

"If I'm a dinosaur what are you? Love ya man!" - Huy

"I always felt confidant on stage with you - if anything want wrong I know you would ring it in. Thanks for the fun" - Michael C.

"You've kept us coming to the Mime Troupe for the last 27 years" - Anonymous...

"Love sleeping in the Mime Troupe T-shirt every night! Always and inspiration." - Virginia

"Happy Trails Ed! I know whatever you decide to do next you'll make it stupid!" - Velina

"Forgotten but not missed... wait... no, that's right!" - Karen

From EVERYONE here at the Troupe and from your adoring, countless fans - We love you Ed Holmes!

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