SF Mime Troupe Holiday Party - FINAL UPDATE!
----- Now is the winter of our discontent! -----

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Please bring a dish to compliment the list below.
Guests MUST RSVP TODAY if they wish to attend this party.
(You have not RSVPed unless you have emailed info@sfmt.org)

This year's Mime Troupe holiday party will be held in conjunction with the Network of Bay Area Workers Collectives NOBAWC (pronounced no-boss).

As workers this is a chance to get together, celebrate each other, acknowledge all we've already achieved, laugh, sing, take a deep breath, and get ready for the important struggle to come!

Musical band FogDub will be performing btwn 8p-10p.
Part roots reggae, part mad scientist, part Jamaican jazz, and entirely funky.

Vegetarian Pasta Salad - Brigitte
Salad of some type - Ira
Green Salad - Mary
Citrus Fruit Salad - Linda

Main Dishes:
Pizza - Arizmendi Valencia
Meat Balls - SFMT
Home Made Mac & Cheese - Junelle
Something Awesome - Keiko
Vegetable Casserole - Julia & Rus
Vegan Tofu Rice Casserole - Eugenie
24 BBQ Chicken Drumsticks - Art
More Dumsticks - Emilica & Ron
Roasted Chicken - Arturo
Vegan Sesame Noodles - Barry & Jocelyn
Gallo de Pinto - Andrea
Vegetarian Chili & Rice - Ellen
Steak Dish - Taylor
Side Dishes:
Cheese, Crackers, Fruit - Stacey
Roasted Brussel Sprouts - Sylvia
Home Made Sourdough Bread - Louis & Susan
Hummus & Pitas - Tina
Hummus or Cranberry Sauce - Madison
Vegetarian Gyoza - Mike
Vegetarian Bean Dip - Karen
2 Big Bags of Tortilla Chips - SFMT
Creamed Kale - Michael
Cole Slay and Lentils - Jerry
Split Pea Curry Dip - Foresta
Spinach Parmesan Delights - Annie
Peoples Sweet Potato Pure - Rotimi & Shane

Dessert with Sesame Seeds, Honey, Chocolate & Coconut - Karil
A Dessert - Luke
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Karen
Banana Split Ice Cream (5 gallons) - Double Rainbow
3 Dozen Peanut Butter Cookies - Adda
Cheese Cake - Arturo
Brown Sugar Pound Cake CUPCAKES - Celeste
Pie - Mike

There will be alcohol/drinks for a suggested donation
Pale Ale, Scrimshaw, Blue Moon - SFMT
Dos Equis XX, Redd's - SFMT
Vodka w/ Cranberry Juice - SFMT
Ginger Ale, Hansens - SFMT
Red & White Wines - SFMT
Date: Monday, December 5
(RSVP by December 2nd - TODAY - info@sfmt.org)

Time: 6.00pm - 10.00pm (live music from 8p-10p)

: Mime Troupe - 855 Treat Ave, SF, CA 94110
(btwn 21st and 22nd, tricky street parking)

Potluck: Tells us in advance what you plan to bring!

Be on the look out: For one more email with updates on items guests are bringing!  We want to have a bountiful banquet so think about what you want to share and get back to us! - info@sfmt.org
Don't know what to wear to the party?
How about something new, with a red star...

Karen will also happily help you with your holiday shopping during the party! Look for her at the bar! 
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