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Lawton Lovely
SFMT Winter Appeal - Still $19,793 short of our goal!
Dear Trouper,

Happy New Year!


Our cave dwelling ancestors believed that the sun was a giant fiery wheel that moved away from them for half the year and then closer for the other half. With the recent solstice we have passed through the darkest time of the year as the wheel begins rolling toward us again. In a matter of hours 2014 will become last year as we complete another journey around the sun. And what a trip it's been!


Now, before the philosophical reflection and midnight toast, while you are busy with beat the clock paperwork, we have one more request. Please consider a year end tax-deductible gift to the San Francisco Mime Troupe because frankly we need it a lot more than Uncle Sam's war machine and buddy network. We've got some ideas in the works for 2015 and your donation can help realize them.


As we the wish you all a healthy and safe holiday, we want to thank you again for help making 2014 a great year for Troupe.


So long 2014 and come on with it 2015!



With Gratitude and In Solidarity,

The San Francisco Mime Troupe 

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Our Goal: $45,000

Winter Appeal Donations to date: $22,684
General Donations*: $2,204
Store Sales Estimated Profit: $319

*General donations are donations receive during the same time frame but are not necessarily linked to the Winter Appeal.

We're on our way but we need to receive an additional
$19,793 to reach our goal! 

Token Incentive:

Thank you to EVERYONE who has donated!
And thank you to the handful of you who donated $500 and received your free t-shirt!

The offer still stands - donate $500 and we will send you a Classic Mime Troupe T-Shirt.

BUT WAIT!  For a limited time only, donate $400 by Jan 15 and we will STILL send you a FREE t-shirt!

Even better, for those of you who have already donated, if you donate a second time causing your donations to reach the $400 mark by Jan 15 - BAM, t-shirt!

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Estate Planning:
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Or, not ready to make an official will - talk to your bank about listing the Troupe as a beneficiary.

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