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December, 2011
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Dear Troupers,
The People Are Too Big to Fail!

The nights are long and cold and as some of our fellow mammals hibernate, our species moves into hustle and bustle mode. And at the Mime Troupe we are busy too. Troupers can be seen on and backstage at local theaters, at Occupy sites and in our nation's capital as Mr. Sullivan Goes to Washington. Michael is there right now lobbying congress to get a clue. Meanwhile back in our studio on Treat, our skeletal volunteer crew is working hard to keep the S.S. Mime Troupe afloat despite the brutal economic hits we keep taking along with the other 99% thanks to the FED and Wall Street Ebeneezers.


Our Winter Appeal was sent out last month but has not yet produced the income we need to sustain us through the next year. For those of you who have given already, we thank you sincerely for your generous donations. We literally look to those checks in the mail or online as our daily encouragement that the work we are doing is valued. For those of you who have yet to make a donation or can afford to give again (click here). Please respond quickly with what you can.

But there are always other ways you can help us!  Please visit our Wish List to see if you have items we need or maybe you know someone well conected that could help us with the biggest item on our wish list - a 7 seat Passenger Van.
Mime Boutique
The People Are Too Big to Fail!
If you want to give the gift of physical stuff, look no further than the "Mime Boutique". We have a variety of gift ideas and that would please any political theatre fan on your list.

Order online by Dec. 14th for holiday delivery.

All orders OVER $40 will receive a free CD! Visit the Boutique for more info!

Or for an unusual holiday gift, consider making a donation in the name of someone who likes the Troupe's work. No negative impact on landfill, positive impact for us!

Ed Holmes
The People Are Too Big to Fail! 

Ed Holmes and former Collective member Patricia Silver are appearing in Altertheater's production of Lauren Yee's A Man, his Wife and his Hat. A 'honeymooners meets waiting for godot' kinda comedy...where Ed plays an Ed Norton like character.  

 For more info:

Will McCandless

Will McCandless recently worked on inkBoat's dance theater production Line Between at the beautifully-renovated ODC Theater in San Francisco's Mission District. It's a feast for the eyes and ears and includes original musical scoring by Suki O'Kane and SF Mime Troupe alumni Jason Ditzian. In the weeks to follow, he will be working with Smuin Ballet on their sumptuous Christmas Ballet. Will is also in the middle of producing the music score and sound design for Higher, a new play by Carey Perloff at American Conservatory Theater.

For more info:

Wan-Yin Tang & Karen Runk

The People Are Too Big to Fail!


Wan-Yin Tang & Karen Runk along with recent Troupe intern Jesse Brownstein are currently working on Golden Thread AND Asian American's joint production / West Coast Premiere of Yussef el Guidi's play - Language RoomsNow extended to December 11th


"The superb acting sealed the deal, made it believable, made me escape into the story..."
- an audience member

 For more info

Closing Wishes


Our wish list is long but on the top is the eternal wish for peace on earth and goodwill towards everybody. During these dark nights, when we retreat to our homes and families the simple philosophy or doing good for each other makes complete sense. Let's continue to work for peace, jobs, equality and justice and hopefully, with your support, we will again champion these ideals on stage next summer-2012!


In Peaceful Solidarity,

The San Francisco Mime Troupe Collective and Staff

855 Treat Ave. - San Francisco, CA 94110 - 415.285.1717

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