Thank You!
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Anonymous donor from down San Jose way: we DID receive your $100 cash in the mail, so worry not!


If the anonymous donor from Philly meant to include something in your envelope ... well that's not what happened.  However if your intention was indeed a bare envelope (you never know), then all is well. 

Another easy way to help out the Mime Troupe?  Submit a review of SFMT at Great NonProfits, an online resource for foundations and other folks looking to give away $$!  Be sure to choose "ARTS 2011" from the list of campaigns.  If we garner enough positive reviews by January 31st, SFMT will be included in the website's "Top-Rated Arts NonProfits" list, increasing our visibility among donors from all around the country.

THANK YOU to all our donors & supporters!

Dear Troupers,


For everyone who was able to contribute to the Mime Troupe's most recent appeal - guess what?  You've helped make this one of our most successful fundraising seasons in years!  Despite the difficult financial times with which we're all struggling, many folks still managed to find a few coins to rub together for the Troupe.  We take your commitment to heart, and in return we give hearty thanks. 


A special shout out to Spain for creating an amazing illustration for the winter appeal letter. Thank you, comrade! 


Haven't seen the letter?  Or haven't had a chance yet to make a winter contribution to the Troupe?  Click here to send you on your way! Your pennies won't go to waste with the ever-frugal Mime Troupe.  


BTW, official donor thank-you letters are in the mail.  If you haven't received yours, give it a few more days; we just sent out a HUGE load of them earlier this week.  Do you know how long it takes to sign 400+ letters?  A while. 

an Extra Thanks to the following Individuals & Businesses

Maurice Beesley - Anne Bernstein - Stephen Camber - Earl Crabb - the City of Richmond - Patrick Dooley - Tom Henke - Greg Hillman, Bay Hill Builders - Peter Hood - Inkworks Press - Jay Jones - Brewster Kahle & Mary Austin - Tessa Koning-Martinez - George Lee, Balboa High School - Jerry Lewis, SF Auto Repair Center - Marines' Memorial Theatre - The Marsh - Blake More - Michael D. Nolan, Concepts & Communications - Fletcher Oakes - Thomas Plagemann - Richmond Art Center - Brian Rivera - Karen Runk - Sterling Art Services - Wan-Yin Tang - Patrick Toebe, Diego Rivera Theatre, CCSF - Harvey Varga - Garret Westfall - Christopher White, Lighthouse Framing - all our YCWP actors & directors - Steve Zeltzer and the

San Francisco Labor Council

If anyone was inadvertantly left off of this list, blame The Messenger!   

Public humiliation of said messenger will ensue.

THANK YOU AGAIN!  Best Wishes for 2011 -
The San Francisco Mime Troupe