Youth & the Troupe MARCH toward the future!
San Francisco Mime Troupe
Youth & the Troupe MARCH toward the future!

Dear Troupers,
As far-right conservatives continue in their attempts to silence women and drag our country back into the past, we here at the Mime Troupe are looking to the future with projects led by our brilliant young students and emerging artists!  We have several upcoming events showcasing these sharp, engaging, all-original projects.  You, too, can take part in the future of the Mime Troupe by applying for our upcoming summer internships and workshop!  Read on to learn more...


Young California Writers' Project 
Monday, March 19th!
The Mime Troupe presents another of its youth programs, the Young California Writers' Project!

In cooperation with Balboa High School, for the past ten weeks the Troupe's resident playwright has been working with 12 student writers, helping each one create a short play on whatever issue they want to address.
The final plays will have staged readings - directed and performed by professionals - at the McKenna Theater, 1600 Holloway Avenue, on the campus of San Francisco State University. Come on out and support tomorrow's writers today! Well, not today - Monday, March 19th!

What:  Young California Writers' Project (YCWP)
Where:  McKenna Theater, 1600 Holloway Avenue on SF State Campus
When:  Monday, March 19th, at 7.00 pm
Why:  You should help support the upcoming generation of artists - and it's FREE!    


San Francisco Mime Troupe Presents: 
Works of Progress
Last month you had the chance to see one of SFMT's Emerging Artist in Residence,
Andrew Packard
present his new play, Box City

Now join us for the inaugural installment of our FREE, new monthly reading series showcasing developing work by fresh, up-and-coming artists from the Bay Area and beyond.  This month, SFMT Emerging Artist in Residence (and Works of Progress producer) Jesse Brownstein will present a reading of his new play East Sahara West.  This epic love story is set in a fictional North African country suffering under a brutal, decades-long occupation by an invading military force.  Young lovers Dina and Firas yearn to be free, and at the heart of their struggle lie the seeds of a populist uprising against the powers that stifle both their love and their country.  Featuring some of the finest veteran actors in the Bay, as well as some new and talented faces we're sure to see much more of in the future, East Sahara West is a definite must!

What:  Stage Reading of East Sahara West
Where:  855 Treat Ave
When:  Friday, March 23rd, at 7.00 pm
Why:  You should help support the upcoming generation of artists - and it's FREE!
Note:  Seating is limited, first come first served - but lots of floor space!


Youth Theater Project 
16 Years and Counting!

The Youth Theater Project gives local teens the opportunity to voice to their concerns and issues onstage.  Coached in the Mime Troupe style of collaborative playmaking and under the guidance of experienced SFMT directors & designers, students learn stage production, acting, playwriting and improvisation.  


The culmination can be seen April 14th and 15th with the FREE performances of two original one acts.  






What:  Youth Theater Project's 16th Production
WhereMission Cultural Center, 2868 Mission Street, San Francisco
When:  Saturday, April 14th at, 7.00 pm and Sunday, April 15th, at 2.00 pm
Why:  You should help support the upcoming generation of artists - and it's FREE!

Summer Internships and Workshop

Deadlines:  Just extended to April 1st! 

Apply for an Internship

Apply for the FREE Summer Workshop


Former Youth of America - Ed Holmes  
Aka - Bishipp Joey!

The 28st 34nd Annual SAINT STUPID'S DAY PARADE Saturday SUNDAY April something

The pointy building @ noon Its the weekend route this year. Pointy bldg up columbus ave to Washington Sq park Joe DiMaggio Playground bcause the ususal Was Park has gone nimby for the FCLL's mini service (check your own oil) with a stage for the 2 minute talent contest and other s(n)ackreligious happenings. Stay tuned for new developments. wwwwwwww.saintstupid.commmmmmm

The Bishop Sez; "he 28rd 34st annual st stupid's day parade will parade if its raining.... but and will end at joe dimaggio playground for the 2 minute talent show.... instead of washington sq park..... if its not raining. The dimaggio park is one block past washington sq on columbus and lombard."
The SFMT Collective and Staff
San Francisco Mime Troupe