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  Not Really a Swimsuit Issue                                                                     Spring 2011

Dear Troupers,

Happy Spring!


The monsoons have stopped pounding (for the time being), the Troupe's lawn looks like a rice paddy, and the sky is blue and sparkly.  Shouldn't Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker emerge from his crusty old cocoon and fly away right about now?  The country's waiting, Scott. 


As you may have already heard, here at the Troupe we are struggling to make up a funding gap for the year, and have begun our "Comrade Campaign" in an attempt to garner additional support.  Please help us spread the word!   


But money is such a wintry subject; onward with the new stuff.  It's all here in spades: the Youth Theatre Project, St.Stupid's Day, and of course, a new SFMT show off in the horizon .... but more on that later.  Let's get on with it, shall we?  

SFMT's Youth Theatre Project 2011

YTP photo

The 15th annual Youth Theatre Project is heading into the last few weeks before our mid-April performances. After many weeks of brainstorming and improvising, the students - two groups of teens who meet at the Troupe twice a week  - are now furiously writing their shows. In the coming weeks we will be rehearsing, choreographing dances, adding music (a live band this year!), and trying to have fun through it all. This year we're doing something different - letting the students take over the Mime Troupe's usual summertime stage, which we're setting up at CELLspace. Come on over and check it out!   


SFMT's 15th Annual Youth Theatre Project 

CELLspace, 2050 Bryant Street, SF

Friday & Saturday, April 15th & 16th, 7pm

Admission FREE


We look forward to seeing you there! 

St. Stupid's Day is April 1st!

have you confessed to Bishop Joey lately? 


The 33rd annual St Stupid's Day Parade will be held in San Francisco this Friday, April 1st, starting at noon at the Embarcadero Plaza.


Following its traditional weekday route, this sidewalk parade will loop StStupidthru the Financial District to make the ritual stops at the Stations of Stupid - the Federal Reserve Bank HQ for the ritual of the Dead Lottery Ticket, the Sock Exchange at the Pacific Stock Exchange, the Leap of Faith at the Plaza of the Holy Lug Nuts, the Penny Toss at the Bankers Heart and the Free Lunch. Sponsored by the FIRST CHURCH of the LAST LAUGH, this event is open to public participation. Odd costumes, noise makers, satiric signage on the Business of Religion and the Religion of Business are readily encouraged.  In fact, those coming without any show of faith may be strenuously mocked. FREE, RAIN or SHINE  

contact: ed holmes 510 841 1898

It's Tax Time!

sorry to remind you but...


do you know about Schedule M?  

Schedule M of 1040 and 1040Ais for claiming
"Making Work Pay" credit and "Government Retiree" credit

find out more here  



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SFMT's Newest Collective Member!
Round 'bout last spring, Wan-Yin Tang had her SFMT Newsletter debut, and she was the most talked about debutante of the season.  Well, it's official: Ms. Tang has now joined the family!
What started as an internship in 2009 quickly became more serious; by that fall, Wan-Yin was cozily ensconced  in SFMT's administrative trenches. One thing led to another, and she was offered the promise ring of serving as our 2010 Emerging Artist in Residence. After teaching in the Youth Theatre Project, serving as Tour Manager for Posibilidad, and, let's not forget, baking lots of pies, Wan-Yin is now a full-fledged Collective member!

Wan-Yin says:  

"I am eager to share in the artistic oversight of the world's best and only rockin' San Francisco Mime Troupe.  I am excited to help educate our diverse audiences, including our community's young people, in matters of local and global politics, and to empower them to change our world for the better.  Let's further our commitment to divesting from capitalism and social injustices, one show at a time!  Venceremos!"


Yes, it's true!  You CAN fulfill your lifelong dream of working with the Mime Troupe! It's called an Internship, baby, and you'll love it!  Interns rock our world and learn valuable theatre skills in the process . .  totally a win-win.  Summer Workshops are another way to roll, offering committed radical theatre artists an opportunity to expand their minds and their craft, all in just 8 sweaty weeks. Applications for both programs due APRIL 15th.  
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