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Congressman from Oklahoma attacks Mime Troupe!
Rep. Steve Russell
It has come to our attention that The Lead with Jake Tapper on CNN did a bit featuring us recently. Apparently Congressman Steve Russell (R-OK) doesn't like arts funding, and wants to use our NEA grants as the poster child - even though the amount we get from the NEA is less than our military spends each year on waterboarding classes.
Clearly, we're doing something right. If this doesn't make you want to support the Mime Troupe, nothing will. If you'd like to help us survive against attacks from neo-uberconservatives like Congressman Russell, please donate to us now!
If everyone seeing this donates $5 we will know you support us!  Donate more and you'll really be supporting us!
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Attack on Mime Troupe
Also, the show in which we say "the war on drugs is just a war on Black and Brown people," FREEDOMLAND will be touring this Fall! Contact us if you want the show to come to your town!
It's people like you who keep us going!  We want quality theatre to be within the reach of every American, regardless of their income or their ability to pay for it.  We give taxpayers free theatre, while most tax money goes to giving people expensive death and surveillance. At least the money we receive from the National Endowment for the Arts is spent on weapons of mass entertainment as opposed to drones and bombs.  That said, it's not nearly enough to sustain us in this mission!  Please, help out and donate at the button above!
Read the Waste Watch article or watch our cameo on CNN!  It features the infamous Koch Brothers Rap!
SF Mime Troupe Fundraiser
White Rabbit, Red Rabbit
Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour declined to serve in his country's armed forces, in return the Iranian government denied Mr. Soleimanpour's request for a passport. Unable to leave Iran, he has instead sent a script to SFIAF (SF International Arts Festival) to have other people read it for him.

SFIAF has invited collective member Rotimi Agbabiaka to perform White Rabbit, Red Rabbit for one night only! Before the performance, join some collective Troupe members for a reception benefiting the Mime Troupe! The cost of the reception is included in the $35 VIP ticket price! Read on!
Date: Friday, May 20 
Time: 8.00pm 
Tickets: On-Sale Now for $12/$15 and $35 at www.sfiaf.org 

We encourage Troupe supporters to purchase the $35 tickets but a portion of ALL ticket sales will go towards the Troupe!  Early bird $12 tickets on sale this month only!

FMC Box Office: 415.345.7575 
Information: 415.399.9554
Other Shows to See!

Learn more about the following shows by visiting our website!

Hair - Rotimi Agbabiaka
1984 - Michael Gene Sullivan
The King and I - Brian Rivera  
A Man Wakes Up - Amos Glick 
Mothers & Sons - Velina Brown
Bruce Barthol Life & Songs: A Work In Progress - Bruce Barthol
California Shakespeare Theatre - Tristan Cunningham
The Walking Dead, Nat Turner, & Dot - Colman Domingo
Deal with a Dragon - Kevin Rolston & Karen Runk 
The Colored Museum - Velina Brown & Michael Gene Sullivan 
Help Us Spread the News About  Our Crowd Funding Campaign!

We want to keep the Youth Theater Project going for another 20 years but to do that we need your support. Program costs are rising and several of the grants we have relied on in the past are no longer available to us.
So we need YOU, members of our community, to please give whatever you can to ensure that we can continue to provide this great opportunity for Bay Area youth.

Here's how YOU can help us raise $10,000 by April 7:
  1. Donate to our Crowd Funding Campaign!
  2. SHARE our Crowd Funding Campaign link. 
  3. Get involved- by providing a meal for a YTP class.
  4. Get involved - volunteer at our Youth Arts Festival.
To get involved, contact Annie at: ytp@sfmt.org
SFMT Celebrates 20 Years
of the Youth Theater Project!
The San Francisco Mime Troupe is celebrating the 20th anniversary of our Youth Theater Project with a Youth Arts Festival from April 30 to May 1. The Festival will celebrate the rich history of YTP by transforming the Mime Troupe Studio into a gallery space and partnering with local arts organizations to showcase the work of local youth artists in the visual and performing arts.

The Festival will also include:
  • Performances created by the current YTP Teen Artists
  • 20th Anniversary Gala Reunion
  • Youth Arts Celebration
~At our Troupe Studio~
This Weekend - Musician Silas Lowe

Here at the Troupe, we are always excited to cheer on our alumni as they continue on their individual paths as activist artists. Such is the case with Silas Lowe who will be performing with his musical partner Andy Lentz in our studio Sunday March 13. Since Silas was with us many years ago as a workshop performer, he has gone on to become one of the most celebrated up and coming songwriter-musicians. Cutting his political teeth with the Mime Troupe, he now writes songs that cut to the heart of the disparities of wealth and justice of our broken system. Although the topics are serious, Silas delivers his message in an upbeat, engaging way that will have your face smiling and your toes tapping. Once a Trouper, always a Trouper! Please join us as we welcome back a valued member of our Troupe family. Silas, you make us proud! Read on!

"I had the good fortune of mixing and mastering some recordings for Silas Lowe for my label... he's a great songwriter with a nice, laid back performance style. His poetry is well crafted. He deserves to be well heard by anyone interested in folk music or picking music. He lets his music do the work." - Danny Barnes

Date: Sunday, March 13
Time: 4.30pm-6.30pm, Doors open at 4pm
Where: Troupe Studio, 855 Treat Ave (tricky street parking)
Tickets: $15 suggested donation at door, Reserve a Seat
St. Stupid's Day Parade
Follow Bishop Joey

The 28th Annual St Stupid's Day Parade takes place, yet again, on APRIL 1 @ NOON.  The parade starts at the Embarcadero Plaza and winds through the financial district for the rituals: rights, and lefts.

The parade will occur rain and/or shine, and is sponsored by the First Church of the Last Laugh.  You're already a member!

Watch a youtube video of last year's parade!

After the parade, attend the Burning Stupid Art Show at Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda.

For more info contact Ed Holmes.
The Parade
Date: April 1
Time: High Noon
Where: Embarcadero Plaza meet up
Attire: Stupid costumes suggested

Burning Stupid Art Show 
Date: April 1
Time: 5.00pm-8.00pm
Where: Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda
Attire: Whatever the f*ck you want! 
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