The Cost of Free - Update #2
Dear Trouper,


Wondering how we're doing? Glad you asked-better every day! Thanks to you. 


In the two weeks since we first spoke about "The Cost of Free" the response has been nothing short of remarkable. We're well on our way to meeting our goal but we need your help to get there. 


For those of you who were on vacation or likelier, buried under tax forms these past couple of weeks, here's the story in a nutshell: THE SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE NEEDS TO RAISE $40,000 IN THE NEXT WEEK OR THERE WILL BE NO SHOWS THIS SUMMER! And that would be a shame because we're excited about our new innovative show Oil and Water and want to share it with you - coincidence today is also Earth Day??? 


To learn more about the Troupe read the following recently published in the SF Chronicle, Bay Guardian and Daily Planet.   


Many of you are curious about the actual "Cost of Free". The direct  expenses for a typical day in a SF park are: $1040 for park usage (fees, permits, sound fees, park staff and portable toilet, parking & food). Add another $1000 for  insurance, overhead and salaries & you've got $2040 for one day! The average "hat" collection is less than half of that.  


As wise investors would, others are asking "What's your plan?" Again, simply put:


1) Raise $40,000 to produce an abbreviated summer season.


2) Raise an additional $50,000 to complete a full July 4 to Labor Day season. We feel like Oil and Water deals with urgent issues that need immediate action. The longer we can perform the show, the more we can get the word out.  



3) We've already started the preliminary work of creating a strategic plan. Our goal is to create a functional model that will be self-sustaining into the next generation of Troupers. While we are always grateful for institutional funding, we are aware that their resources are also limited and challenged by a growing number of needy recipients. With the help of stakeholders like you, we are eager to rebuild and self-support our infrastructure allowing us to perform beyond the greater Bay Area. And we want to do it in a compact green way without compromising our stage values or our political beliefs.  You will never see a Big Oil logo on our programs!  


It's a big To-Do list but we're super invigorated by all your support. You continue to rock!! Soon we will also be sending out our annual Summer Appeal letter (which will reach more of our friends who only receive snail mail) hoping that the additional money will make all the plans a reality.


Also if you're getting tax $$ back from the IRS then considering giving us the share that the Feds didn't for the first time in decades! 


We're getting close so please consider donating as generously as you can and please forward this to someone who can help make a difference.   


Onward toward the summer! 



Here's the link to where you can donate

Support Earth Day by supporting Oil and Water.  


Thanks for your continued solidarity!


The Collective:  

Velina Brown, Ellen Callas, Michael Carreiro, Ed Holmes, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Lawton Lovely, Pat Moran, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Michael Sullivan, Wan-Yin Tang, Victor Toman.


The Board:

Earl Crabb, Ron Davis, Merle Goldstone, Joan Holden, Ed Holmes, Becky O'Malley, Eduardo Robledo, Joel Schecter, Peter Snider. 



SF Mime Troupe 855 Treat Ave. San Francisco, CA  94110


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