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  SFMT's summer season is almost here! 

coming soon to a park near you, SFMT's 2011 production 

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2012 - The Musical!

Jesus (Lizzie Calogero), Nostradamus (Cory Censoprano) and a Mayan Priest (Michael Gene Sullivan) kick up their heels in anticipation of the pending apocalypse.  Photo: DavidAllenStudio.com


A small political theater company, Theater BAM!, finds itself at a crossroads: should they keep telling the stories they feel can change the world (and starve while telling them), or feed at the corporate trough and be a mouthpiece for The Man? Tough decision! But before having to make it, they are offered an artistic commission that may save the company; all they have to do is create a new play, "2012 - The Musical!" But is it political? Will it follow the company's mission? What's the true purpose of this ridiculous production, and who's really bankrolling the thing?  Find out this summer as the SFMT brings you its version of the end-of-days, a rollicking musical satire about corporate funding,  and the art of mass distraction.


Opens 4th of July Weekend in Dolores Park, SF

performances continue thru September 25th 

See the full 2011 performance schedule here. 

Hope to see you there! 

The Adrian Cervantes Mejia Fund

honoring an exceptional actor, artist, clown, teacher, Trouper, and friend


In honor of Adrian's 30th birthday this past April, his family and friends established the Adrian Cervantes Mejia Fund.  The Fund's mission is "to support the arts by creating individualized, specific grants for performing and interdisciplinary artists." 


Adrian mugging backstage during 2009's "Too Big to Fail"


The ACMFund's first initiative, "Adrian's Project," is an annual performing arts competition for professional artists in the early stages of their careers.  "Adrian's Project" is slated to distribute its first awards in 2012, and current fundraising is underway to increase the ACMFund's total endowment to $100,000 by 2013.


For more information or to donate to the Fund, please visit their website,  acmfund.org  


We miss you, Adrian!   

Thank you, Comrades!

Earlier this year, we began our "Comrade Campaign;" an impassioned plea sent to some of our long-term donors, asking for help in "bridging the gap." That "gap" was a potential shortfall of up to $75,000 in funding for 2011.  


Of that total, $50,000 was needed by April 30th, in order to ensure we could confidently move ahead with the summer show - and you did it!  Generous donors hit that mark just a day or two shy of the April 30th deadline. And, voila, as you can see from the article above, we're moving ahead full steam with "2012 - The Musical!"


Since the Comrade Campaign began, foundation grants that were previously unconfirmed have now also come through, further helping to close the anticipated funding shortfall.  Plans are in the works to establish an annual fundraiser beginning in 2012 (more details to come), so we can all look forward to more summers of SFMT in the parks!


Many thanks to all of you!  The Mime Troupe literally wouldn't be here without the continued efforts of our generous supporters - donors, volunteers, community members,  friends and family.


Have you taken a gander at our Wish List recently?

You might just find some things there that are a match for what you have to offer!  See our Wish List page for a complete roster of currently needed goods, services and volunteer help  ... however we can tell you right now that we are in most desperate need of: 

an 8- Seat Passenger Van; a Pickup Truck (automatic pref'd);  

2007 or later PC desktop & laptop computers (NEW would be nice!);and Flat Screen Monitors

There's much more to be found on the complete list, though, so give it a look-see .... and as always, we thank you!! 


the San Francisco Mime Troupe


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Adrian C Mejia Fund
Wish List
Soooo SoCal
Dolores Park Update

SFMT is Coming to SoCal!



 White Park 

Weds., July 13, 7 pm   

FREE park show! 



 Carlsbad Cultural 

Arts Center
Fri. & Sat.,   

July 15-16, 8 pm

for tix:  



Barnsdall Gallery Theatre

Mon., July 18, 8 pm

for tix:





SoCal volunteers are needed to help with the following for these shows:

- postering/promotion

- community housing

- food donations

- load-in and load-out of the set

Please contact Tour Manager, Wan-Yin Tang


 if you can help!

DOLORES PARK rehab update  

As it turns out, the ongoing "saga" of the impending rehabilitation of Dolores Park isn't a saga at all. Attempts to stir up heated local drama around the issue  seem to have, thankfully, petered out ... for now at least.  

Renovation of the children's playground is set to begin next week, but large-scale rehab for the whole park will involve a bigger long-term plan. A community-based Steering Committee to advise the rehabilitation plan for DP has recently been formed, and we're glad to say that SFMT's Managing Director, Jenee Gill, is a part of it. Jenee aims to represent not only the Troupe's interests in DP - our "home base" - but those of all performing artists who utilize the Park. 

A series of community workshops to engage the public in developing the rehabilitation plan are scheduled for the next few months.  The first of these is this Thursday, June 2nd, 6:30-8:30 pm, in the cafeteria of Mission High.

CLICK HERE for more information about the workshop.

We'll keep you posted as things develop! 

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