American Perfection: "The Last Election"
San Francisco Mime Troupe
American Perfection: "The Last Election"
A Melodrama of Farcical Proportions 
(2012 Touring Schedule below!)
Dear Troupers,


Man looking distraught and perhaps enraged with the campaign messages going into his head (literally).
Artwork: Spain Rodriguez 

There they go again!  It's 2012-the world hasn't ended and neither have the familiar promises and pandering that mark a national election year. And who knows what the 2012 results will be?  The European votes already in are both progressive and bi-polar.  Back here, the Super PACs are backing policies and corporatist candidates who are already dancing on Jefferson's grave.  As for we 99%-we're just the Bain of their existence.


This summer in "The Last Election" we're adapting the 19th century melodrama, "The Poor of New York" and turning it topsy turvy to see things from the angle of the misunderstood and maligned super rich.  After all, they work hard for their extreme wealth.  Shouldn't they be able to keep it?  All of it?  Not according to that sniveling 99%! Pity the poor 1%.


Since 1959, through 12 presidential elections, the Mime Troupe has challenged audiences to be vigilant against forces who want to centralize power into their personal offshore bank accounts.  Our mission drives us, keeps us busy and often unpaid.   Already this year we've done:

  • Our 16th annual Youth Theater Project
  • The Young California Writers' Project
  • Staged readings of original work in our studio and out on the streets
  • Taught multiple workshops
  • Held our 1st Annual Fundraiser Brunch, "Another 50 Years!"
  • And are now rehearsing "The Last Election"

Yet, because of a drastic (50%) reduction in grants, this summer season came dangerously close to not happening.  Imagine an election year without a Mime Troupe show!  We couldn't.      


With the uncertainty of individual donations, long-term planning has always been a challenge, but now the guessing game is no longer viable.  We began rectifying this by hosting our 1st Annual Fundraiser Brunch. It gave us an opportunity to introduce ourselves to those friends of friends who didn't know us or our work.  We invited our guests to become founding members of our new donor circles: Friends (substantial one time donors), Allies (monthly donors) and Comrades (annual donors pledging $1,000,to $10,000 annually for 5 years).  Their response was spiritually gratifying and financially rewarding and made this season possible!


We're also gratified by your donor support over the years. Now we ask that you consider becoming a sustainer.


Ensure the continued success of the San Francisco Mime Troupe:

     Step into one of our new Donor Circles!


This will help us stabilize and confidently move forward with our mission. Of course, one-time donations of any amount will continue to be welcome and appreciated.


Another option to financially help us is to provide us with your email - save us the skyrocketing postage and printing fees.  You'll get the same letters and schedules plus our regular news blast about the latest happenings in Troupelandia.  The only non-option is allowing "The Last Election" to become our last election show.  Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to champion progressive, not regressive, activism to secure a fair and just democracy for all 100%.


In Continued Solidarity

The San Francisco Mime Troupe

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2012 Touring Schedule

"The Last Election"

FREE park shows and ticketed venues


  • 4th, 7th-8th - Opening Weekend!  Dolores Park, 18th & Dolores, San Francisco, 2pm
  • 14th-15th - Cedar Rose Park, 1300 Rose Street, Berkeley, 2 pm
  • 18th - Courthouse Square, 2200 Broadway Street, Redwood City, 6.30pm 
  • 19th - Mill Valley Community Center, 180 Camino Alto, Mill Valley - Back Lawn, 7pm
  • 21st - Mosswood Park, MacArthur & Broadway, Oakland, 2pm
  • 22nd - Petaluma Progressive Festival, Walnut Park, Petaluma Blvd South & D St, Petaluma, 4pm
  • 25th - Todd Grove Park, 600 Live Oak @ Walnut, Ukiah, 7pm
  • 26th - Arena Theater, 214 Main Street, Point Arena, 8 pm
  • 28th - Mateel Community Center, 59 Rusk Lane, Redway, 8 pm
  • 1st-2nd - Lakeside Park, Lakeside Drive at Lake Merritt, Oakland, 7pm
  • 4th-5th - Live Oak Park, Shattuck & Berryman, Berkeley, 2pm ** ASL interpreter on site Sun 8/5**
  • 11th-12th - San Lorenzo Park, Dakota Ave, Downtown Santa Cruz, 3pm
  • 18th Glen Park, Bosworth & O'Shaughnessy, San Francisco, 2pm
  • 19th - Yerba Buena Gardens, 3rd and Mission Streets, San Francisco, 2pm 
  • 23rd - Montclair Ball Field, 6300 Moraga Ave, Montclair, 7pm
  • 25th-26th - Willard Park, Hillegass & Derby, Berkeley, 2pm
  • 29th - Mitchell Park - South Field, 600 East Meadow Drive, Palo Alto, 7pm
  • 30th - Nicholl Park, 3230 MacDonald Ave., Richmond, 7pm
  • 1st-3rd - Dolores Park, 18th & Dolores, San Francisco, 2pm ** ASL interpreter on site Sun  9/2 **
  • 6th-7th - Nevada Theatre, 401 Broad Street, Nevada City, 8:00pm
  • 8th - Community Park, 1405 F Street @ East 14th Street, Davis, 7pm
  • 9th - Southside Park, 6th and T Streets, Sacramento, 4pm