2012 World Premiere of "For the Greater Good, or the Last Election!"
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Hear ye! Hear ye! Come one, Come all! 

 This 4th of July come to Dolores Park and spend Independence Day celebrating free speech and our right to assemble!

Join the Mime Troupe for the opening of our summer park season with the premiere of  

-(drum roll, please)---  
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For The Greater Good or The Last Election


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The Troupe is the market for a van for all  seasons.

A window van that seats 7-8  with removable benches would be perfect. A van with a service warranty would be ideal.  We want something reliable in good shape that will last us more than a season.  If you have a lead or know an honest car dealer then contact us ASAP. We need to hit the road!
Let us know where to find the Van of our dreams.
Also check out our Wish List Link (above) for other donated goods we need!

Former Trouper Guy Totaro is doing super good work in the aftermath of Japan's mega-tragedy. Click to find what a difference a guy in a dopey hat and big shoes can make.

Saturday July 28  is Mime Troupe T-shirt Day!
Show your support wherever you are by wearing the big red star or any other Mime Troupe T-shirt. And always remind folks who ask...

We are NEVER  silent!

Coming up

-On July 27-join us at the Troupe for the 3rd in our WORKS OF PROGRESS series.The series of informal staged readings, organized by EAR (Emerging Artist in Residence) Jesse Brownstein, showcases the works of new playwrights. Stay tuned by checking our website for more details. www.sfmt.org.  

Greater Good Poster
We're kicking off our season of free park shows  on July 4th, 7th & 8th at Dolores Park in San Francisco! Music at 1:30 and the show is at 2PM.  Come early for a good spot and join your fellow citizens in the patriotic act of political satire and catharsis!  Check out our full schedule in the link to the left to find out when we are playing in a park near you!
 Dear Trouper,

The first half of 2012 has been a whirlwind of activity at the Troupe. In addition to our regular programs and activities, we've been fundraising like crazy to make sure we could afford to offer another season of free park shows.

The costs of performing in the parks continues to escalate in our budget-strapped cities, but we have made it this far with your generous help!  We were particularly pleased with the success of our new Donor Circles. If you'd like to further our cause..check out our Summer Appeal Letter and Donor Circle Links on the top left in the "Quick Links" section of this newsletter.

We thank you all and look forward to seeing you in the parks this summer.

During these election years, it's even more important to show critical mass and let our voices be heard...as our Constituti
on requires of us. 

In Solidarity,
The Mime Troupe Collective and Staff  


About the show...

Pity the poor one percent! Abused in that sliver of press they don't own, condemned in the streets by a rabble to who don't appreciate the benefits of being trickled down on, raked over the coals by the few politicians who aren't in their back pockets.Talk about an oppressed minority!

Well, finally someone is stepping up to tell their story as the San Francisco Mime Troupe presents For the Greater Good, or The Last Election, a melodramatic tale that should warm the hearts of every billionaire - if they have one. Based on the classic "The Poor of New York," the Troupe ironically turns the story on its head, telling it from the point of view of the misunderstood Godzill-ionaires who have made this country what it is today: broke.
Written and Directed by Michael Gene Sullivan with Music & Lyrics by Pat Moran

Featuring veteran Troupers Velina Brown, Ed Holmes, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Victor Toman, and talented newcomer, Reggie D. White.

Band members: Michael Bello, Joel Fadness and Pat Moran

SFMT dedicates this season to the memory of Gregory R. Tate - Actor, Writer, Collective Member, and Friend.

 A big man with a big laugh and an even bigger heart, he will be missed.
Joining the Troupe as Stage Manager for the Fall 1988 tour of Ripped Van Winkle, Greg became an SFMT mainstay both backstage and onstage. Designing lights and sound, Greg was also a Contributing Playwright for "Escape From Cyberia," "Killing Time," "Eating It," and the Playwright of "Gotta Get a Life," though audiences will best remember Tate as the Genie in 1991's "Back To Normal" and as Heavy G in 1992's "Social Work." After leaving the Troupe Greg became a founding member of the critically-acclaimed Hartbeat Ensemble of Hartford, Connecticut (with Troupe vets Julia Rosenblatt and Steve Ginsburg), where he wrote some of their most popular shows, becoming a treasured member of the theatrical and political community.


You Can't Take It With You...But You Can Leave A Huge Amount of Gratitude Behind Dept: 
We humbly acknowledge and thank the late Archibald Wilson for his generous bequest to the  SF Mime Troupe.  We will do our best to honor his memory by continuing to create thought provoking works that entertain as well as  inform and activate our audiences. Thank you, Archie.


ACM Fund presents Adrian's Project winners!  


The Devil is coming--the Jersey Devil! And the ACM Fund is Bringing Him Right to You
After several months of collaborating,  promoting, and organizing, the early efforts and goals of the
Adrian Cervantes Mejia Fund have been realized. We at the ACM  are happy to announce the very first recipients of

Adrian's Project: Philadelphia-based ensemble, The Berserker Residents with their original show The Jersey Devil.

Since announcing the creation of a memorial fund last year to honor the life and talent of Adrian C. Mejia, we have been busy trying to make Adrian's Project a reality. Adrian's Project is a grant giving performing arts competition that was created as a way to help emerging, performing artists gain exposure. Adrian died in a hit and run at age 29, right at the beginning of a very promising artistic career.He was last seen onstage with the Mime Troupe in the 2009 production of Too Big to Fail.

The ACM Fund would like to thank the judges of Adrian's Project for their hands in selecting this year's winners.

The Jersey Devil will be performed July 19th and 20th at The San Francisco Mime Troupe. Doors will open at 7:30 pm with an 8:00 pm show time. The show is free but accepting donations. For more information regarding the shows contact us at  Adriansproject@acmfund.org or visit us at www.acmfund.org.


We hope you can join us in the spirit of fun, laughter, and mayhem!