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2012 - the Musical!
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Dear Troupers,

Holy Space Shuttle, Batman - the Mime Troupe's teamed up with NASA!  .... er, sort of.  Click the "TEDxNASA" link to the left for more info about tomorrow's innovative conference featuring - among other luminaries like, say, astronaut & astrophysicist Ed Lu - the San Francisco Mime Troupe! 


Speaking of those mime guys - It's almost halfway through the season - have you seen "2012-The Musical!" yet?  If not, take a look at our full performance schedule to see when we'll be out your way!  We've added Redwood City to this year's roster, and are returning to Napa again after a successful first show there in 2010, plus we'll of course be making all our regular stops throughout the Bay Area and greater Northern California.  The performance season continues until September 25th; hope you can catch a show! 


There's loads more going on around here - check out all the words below, which are conveniently arranged in sentences and paragraphs in order to elicit maximum understanding.  Read on, comrades! 


In solidarity, 


The San Francisco Mime Troupe 

 SFMT performs at TEDxNASA
tomorrow, August 17th!

Add this to the long list of "firsts" in the Mime Troupe's bio; the first Tony-Award winning theatre company to present a TEDx talk!


TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth SpreadingTEDx events are hosted produced independently, and aim to bring TED-based experiences to and inspire dialogue among the local community. 


Tomorrow's event is hosted by NASA (yes, THAT NASA!) and the theme is "Extreme Green."  Their website boasts that TEDxNASA will  "bring together thought leaders from a variety of disciplines to provide a unique opportunity for the exchange of game-changing ideas."   

Hope everyone is ready for what the Mime Troupe is bringing to the table!


We'll be performing scenes and a song from "2012-The Musical," which question the role that  corporate funding plays in scientific research - now there's a "gamechanger" for you!  We're set to go on at 3:45 pm, so set your alarm and log on to the TEDxNASA website tomorrow afternoon to catch a live stream of the show. 


Special thanks to Janice Aikins, Associate Director of New Ventures and Communications at NASA Ames, for inviting the Troupe to participate; and to Actors' Equity Association for granting the permission needed to ensure that we could, in fact, do so!   


"2012 - The Musical!"
performances continue until September 25th!
aliens from the future

Aliens from the Future (Victor Toman, Siobhan Marie Doherty, Michael Gene Sullivan) warn Dr. Myopia and his assistant, Sinterra (Cory Censporano and Lizzie Calogero) about the Earth's Impending Fate! Photo by Fletcher Oakes.

A small political theater company - Theater BAM! - finds itself at a crossroads: should they keep telling the stories they feel can change the world (and starve while telling them), or feed at the corporate trough, and be a mouthpiece for The Man? Tough decision! But before having to make it, they are offered an artistic commission that may save the company; all they have to do is create a new play, "2012 - The Musical!" But is it political? Is it in line with the company's mission? What's the true purpose of this ridiculous production, and who's really bankrolling the thing? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this lively, skewering satire of corporate funding and the art of mass distraction.





Most performances are FREE ... though donations gladly accepted .... !!
Other Trouper Doings
'round the way


Blast it, where are SFMT regulars Velina Brown and Ed Holmes this year?  Well, they haven't strayed far from the flock, my friends!   

  • Velina is currently featured as the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite (apt, no?) in Shotgun Players' "Road to Hades," written by a fellow Bay Area favorite, Jeff Raz.  "Road to Hades" performs in Berkeley's John Hinkel Park on Saturdays & Sundays at 3 pm through September 11th. The SFMT misses having Velina on stage this year, but in the meantime, we're keeping her family hostage at a secret location, so she is sure to return next season!  Head out to Hinkel Park and catch Velina before the show closes in mid-September.
  • Ed "F*** All of You" Holmes will be at  Burning Man later this month, fulfilling his duties as the First Church of the Last Laugh's head honcho, Bishop Joey.  The Bishop will be hosting Hourly Masses for The Masses in the Taberknuckle of St. Stupid at 7:30 & Rod Road.  It is rumored that Dick Cheney will be making an appearance.  You can also catch ED in the documentary film  VIGILANTE VIGILANTE, currently playing at the Roxie Theatre in SF through August 18th.  Get out and see it before someone decides to destroy it!
Closing Notes

peter berg

Peter Berg, 1937-2011  

Photo: Giovanna Ortiz

We were recently dismayed to learn of the passing of artist & activist, Peter Berg, on July 28th.


Peter was an instrumental early member of the Mime Troupe, writing and starring in many plays, as well as a prominent environmental activist and educator,  author, and lifelong humanitarian.  He will be sorely missed by the many communities he touched in his positive, productive life. 


A full obituary for Peter is featured in SF Gate.  


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We need to line up some volunteers to help with trash clean-up and program distribution before all three of our Dolores Park shows on Labor Day weekend!  Can you help?


If so, email Karen at coordinator@sfmt.org.  THANK YOU!

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