Adopt a Bill!

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San Francisco Mime Troupe

Help us LOWER
SFMT's debt ceiling!
Dear Troupers,


Stocks are down!  No, wait, they're up!  Uh oh, back down again!  Who can even keep track anymore ..... meanwhile, here in the real world, life goes on.  There's work, school, rent, groceries, outings to see the Mime Troupe - you know,the usual.  And bills to pay, of course.


That's where the Mime Troupe's getting stuck now, it seems.  With "hat" revenue (what we collect when we "pass the hat") down by 12% so far this season, our cash flow's getting a little tight.   There's just enough to cover immediate costs like payroll, but we've gotten behind on a few bills.


SO, ta-da!  We unveil "Adopt a Bill!"  If you've been meaning to send in a summer appeal donation (or even if you haven't), well - voila! - here's an opportunity to help the Mime Troupe finish out the season ... and also gain a little glimpse into what it really costs to keep the show on the road.  


Click here to see the list of bills we need to cross off our list.   

Don't forget, all donations are fully tax-deductible!   

THANK YOU (again!!),


San Francisco Mime Troupe