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San Francisco Mime Troupe

Help us
SFMT's debt ceiling!
Dear Troupers,


We are getting to the end of our summer season with less than two weeks remaining before our final performance of "For the Greater Good, or The Last Election". 

Here's a big thanks to everyone who has made it out to see a show and a last call for everyone who hasn't. Palo Alto, Richmond, Dolores Park - SF, Nevada City, Davis, Sacramento! Please check our schedule for more information.

As always- please help us spread the word over the upcoming days! 

The best publicity is word of mouth.


We greatly appreciate all the support we have received this summer and understand how difficult it is for just about everyone to pay their bills these days. Many of our supporters went above and beyond this year and this was the reason we were able to afford to do a show. Despite this, the truth is that even with a favorable audience response our park donation totals have fallen well short of projections.  


SO, without further ado: Here's "Adopt a Bill"!  If you've been meaning to send in a summer appeal donation (or even if you haven't), well - voila! - here's an opportunity to help the Mime Troupe finish out the season ... and also gain a little glimpse into what it really costs to keep the show on the road.  





Click here to see the list of bills we need to cross off our list.   

Don't forget, all donations are fully tax-deductible!   


THANK YOU (again!!),

the San Francisco Mime Troupe