The Mime Troupe is headed to
San Jose!

That's right folks, after a number of years, the Mime Troupe is returning to San Jose for one show only:
August 26 in St. James Park!! 
6.30p Music / 7.00p Show   


The Troupe has been trying to find our way back to San Jose but logistics and financial constraints have made it impossible until now. With the generous support of the City of San Jose we will be able to perform our new hit show Ripple Effect  for FREE right in the middle of the city. We're hoping this opportunity will help rebuild our South Bay audience base so we will be able to return annually.


This is where we need your help. If you live in the San Jose or in the Santa Clara Valley area, please come see the show. If you don't live in the South Bay but have friends or family that do, urge them to come on down to St. James Park at 2nd & St. James Street. Share with them the wonders of a Mime Troupe show experience. Explain that we don't do that kind of mime. Entice them to come at 6:30p to hear our great band play. It will be the perfect chance for a late August mid-week picnic dinner and show all for FREE!


We have received so much positive feedback on this year's show we don't want you to miss out! The cast of characters in Ripple Effect are strikingly familiar to Bay Area audiences and will seem especially so to the audiences of San Jose. See for yourself. Come join us on Tuesday August 26th.


"Brightly written, laugh-laden... one of the most enjoyable Mime Troupe outings in recent memory."  SFGate - 7/6/14

"MIME TROUPE NAILS IT!... a rousing success that perfectly captured the city's current zeitgeist and growing pains... Brava!" SF Bay Guardian - 7/9/14-7/15/14

"But most of all, it drives home the point that to accept the status quo is as much a political stance as to fight against it. As Deborah says, 'There is no such thing as not political.'"
Marin IJ - 7/16/14


 Photo by: Fletcher Oakes

 Or would you rather see
the show indoors?!

If you can't make it to the San Jose show or to one of our remaining park shows, come see Ripple Effect indoors!  That's right!  Sit in an actual chair, stay cozy inside instead of freezing or baking in the Bay Area's lovely summer weather!  


Thursday August 28

at SF Mime Troupe Studio 855 Treat Ave   

6.00p Doors Open / 6.30p Music / 7.00p Show
 FREE but a $20 donation suggestion at door 

(parking is hard to find, public transit is encouraged)


Hurry you must go on line to reserve your set before we are sold out!


It ain't sexy, it don't sing and dance, but it's the cost of doing biz-ness, plain and simple. Times are tough for everyone, we know, but if you could kick in a few extra dollars by adopting a bill the Mime Troupe will be able to continue making ripple effects!