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(at SFMT, we're all hotties because right now our office is 90 degrees)
September 28, 2010
Dear Troupers,

While we would always prefer to be irreverent whenever possible (see above), today we must write to you with seriousness and urgency.

First, the Good News
poor but honest

Despite what we knew was going to be a very difficult year financially, the Mime Troupe has managed to complete this year's summer touring season!  All artistic and support personnel having been paid for their hard work, hurray!  The not-so-great news: still outstanding are various touring and production expenses that, normally, would at this point have been paid and forgotten. Though as most of us know, this is not a "normal" year - well, perhaps it's the New Normal, but that notion is taking awhile to settle in.


The Serious Stuff

Coming in to the summer touring season, we were facing funding reductions from all sides - courtesy of our friends on Wall Street - which we mentioned in our summer appeal letter, and repeatedly at all our shows.  In order to make up the shortfall, cuts were made to the budget before rehearsals even began, and we set a goal of increasing our "passing the hat" revenue by 30%.  While we did manage to reduce our production costs by about $20,000, we were unsuccessful in reaching the increased "hat" revenue goal, and in fact collected about 10% less than last year. 

We've since made adjustments that significantly reduce our operating costs for the remainder of the year, enough to keep the Troupe on an even keel until it's time to put our Collective heads back together and write next year's show.  Hey, if there's anything we know how to do - other than create hilarious, award-winning musical political satire - it's to live frugally.


What we are requesting of all our supporters now is to help us pay our outstanding 2010 production costs, and put us back on our feet for next season

Our immediate financial need is $50,000.

If everyone on this email list were to contribute only $15 each, we would reach that goal! 

How simple is that?  Just as easy as it is for us to say "THANK YOU, YOU ROCK!" 

Click here to make an online donation via PayPal

Checks are also welcome!  You can mail yours to

SFMT, 855 Treat Ave., San Francisco 94110

all donations are tax deductible!

Thank you for helping us through this challenging time;

we literally wouldn't be here without your support!

The SFMT Collective